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CS-Cart add-ons

  • changes the main icon to an additional on hover;
  • animation of changing icons
  • manage the size of product names;
  • separate setting for product blocks
  • choose the currency for each product;
  • set the currency for product categories
  • limits the size of uploaded files and images;
  • only for Multi-Vendor
  • import of products from a zip archive without unpacking;
  • the archive can contain several csv files with products
  • fine tuning of import;
  • improved add-on architecture
  • automatic and manual coupon generation;
  • coupon as a promotion bonus;
  • setting the duration of each coupon
  • collects information about purchases of each product;
  • convenient and informative sales data

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Digest of add-on upgrades in February
In the digest for February, we present to your attention the updates of the following add-ons: Currency exchange rates sync; FAQ addon (questions and answers); Full page CACHE + HTML minify add-on; Import products from xml file yandex market format (YML); Last Modified; Live search and Search history add-on; Order changes history; Pop-up notifications add-on for cs-cart; Product stickers (text and graphic) - cs-cart add-on; Real Time notifications add-on; SEO meta templates; Virtual categories - cs-cart addon; Pop-up notifications add-on for cs-cart 03/02/2022 v.1.5 [!] Fixed issue with repeated notification shown on some display conditions. Real Time notifications add-on 04/02/2022 v.3.0 [+] Added setting to show notifications of new messages to the buyer [+] Added the ability to select the theme and location of notifications separately for the storefront and admin panel 10/02/2022 v.3.1 [*] Fixed compatibility issues with CS-Cart versions 4.11 and older 14/02/2022 v.3.2 [*] Fixed minor bugs Currency exchange rates sync 04/02/2022 v.1.1 [!] Fixed issue with rounding currency coefficients Full page CACHE + HTML minify add-on 07/02/2022 v.4.7.6 [!] Fixed issue with cscart v4.14.x with php warning on addons management page Live search and Search history add-on 07/02/2022 v.7.3.4 [!] On Multivendor Ultimate fixed issue with search vendors depending of current storefront 21/02/2022 v.7.3.5 [+] Added additional hooks to make addon customization more flexible [*] On filters by categories block hidden categories will not be displayed since this version [!] Fixed uncompatibility with warehouses addon on some cs-cart configurations FAQ addon (questions and answers) 09/02/2022 v.2.1.3 [!] Fixed issue with shema markup when answer had quote symbol Last Modified 10/02/2022 v.1.2 [+] Added a separate setting for the Sitemap page [*] Fixed a problem with some pages Import products from xml file yandex market format (YML) 10/02/2022 v.5.5.9 [*] Upgarded logic of building price categories tree when some categories is linked to unexist category SEO meta templates 21/02/2022 v.2.0 [+] Added possibility to work on realtime and cron modes. [+] Added new variables for product meta (parent_category_name) and vendor_name for pages on MV edition [+] Added possibility to filter products by hours of creations (Ex. Product created more than 15 hours ) [!] Fixed issue with seo-name generation on multilagual websites 25/02/2022 v.2.1 [+] Added new variable for categories and products schema [root_category_name] - it will show main category of current tree Product stickers (text and graphic) - cs-cart add-on 18/02/2022 v.2.2.1 [*] To labels wrapper added unique class, now there are possibility to add additional styles or use specific labels on your own js scripts. Virtual categories - cs-cart addon 19/02/2022 v.2.1.7 [*] Fixed uncompatibility on prices join with some 3rd party addons Order changes history 22/02/2022 v.1.2 [*] Created a separate page for viewing orders changes, including deleted ones. [*] Added record of order invoice printout. [*] Recording order data before deleting it.
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Digest of add-on upgrades in January
In the digest for January, we present to your attention the updates of the following add-ons: Additional object fields/tabs; Content delivery network add-on; Images gallery - add-on for CS-Cart; Import products from xml file yandex market format (YML); Live search and Search history add-on; Orders from advertising; Realtime notifications add-on; Related products; SEO meta templates; The best stores on the marketplace; Unite (merge) selected orders into one; Orders from advertising 06/01/2022 v.1.0 [*] First addon release Images gallery - add-on for CS-Cart 11/01/2022 v.1.1 [!] Fixed saving Alternative text/title value of images 13/01/2022 v.1.2 [!] Fixed issue with fillings schema on block manager Unite (merge) selected orders into one 12/01/2022 v.1.3 [*] On cs-cart version 4.14.x merge button moved to context menu. Content delivery network add-on 12/01/2022 v.4.1 [*] Optimized view for latest cs-cart versions. [*] Changed license checker and optimized upgrade delivery functions. Related products 13/01/2022 v.1.0 First addon release Import products from xml file yandex market format (YML) 15/01/2022 v.5.5.7 [!] Fixed issue with feature selection on some cs-cart configurations [+] Added compatibility with  country_of_origin tag [+] Added possibility to view loaded products from pricelist 26/01/2022 v.5.5.8 [*] Optimized price list update page for stores with thousands of features [!] Fixed issue with repeated element ids on category linking tab  Realtime notifications add-on 17/01/2022 v.2.2 [!] Fixed font size issue on Multivendor Vendor panel on version cs-cart 4.14.x Live search and Search history add-on 17/01/2022 v.7.3.2 [+] Added possibility to group categories on filter by root category (it's available to enable it on addon settings); [+] Added compatibility with rounding function from our product currency addon ; [!] Fixed issue with display out of stock products on end of list; [!] Fixed issue with displaying main product categories with hidden status 21/01/2022 v.7.3.3 [+] Added possibility to enter level of displayed parent category on found categories block; [!] Fixed issue with quick view block on mobile devices Additional object fields/tabs 19/01/2022 v.1.3.0 [+] Added compatibility with SEO meta templates addon [+] Added possibility to hide field on variation products and apply value from main product. 21/01/2022 v.1.4.0 [+] Added option to display product additional field value as product feature on product features tab SEO meta templates 21/01/2022 v.1.2 [+] Added possibility to replace product name and description on product details page on front [!] Fixed issue on products conditions template The best stores on the marketplace 25/01/2022 v.2.0 [*] -  Version 2.0 is a new generation of the Best Stores add-on. The entire internal architecture of the add-on has been changed, so the settings of previous versions will not work.
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