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CS-Cart add-ons

This add-on allows you to manage payment methods for each product or the whole product category.

This add-on allows you  sync currency rates with the National Bank of Belarus on a daily basis in an automatic mode or at any time in the manual...
This add-on allows you to convert global, single options, options' combinations and variations into characteristics, all variants assigned to the...
View add-on’s work you can on our demo-site . Add-on "One page checkout" is a new level of your online store’s work, where ordering is a small...
Add-on's work you can see on our demo-site . The products color filter add-on allows you to display filters of products in colored elements. In the...
The add-on allows you to create a tree of dependent filters. It is very convenient for the customer. Step by step, the customer chooses the...
Mark your orders with bright labels. You will not forget important orders, because they will always be at the top of the orders list.
CPS Capital Payment Solutions Payment Gateway (https://cpsbill.info)

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We have updated the design and logo of the site!
Dear customers, we have great news! We have updated the design of our site, made it more convenient and modern. We have a new, brighter logo now. We added many new functionalities for you! We have a new section - HelpDesk. You can use it for questions about the work of our add-ons, suggestions for customizations, requests for the development of new add-ons or fix bugs. On the Downloads and subscriptions, you can change the main domain up to 3 times per month, as well as add and change aliases (test domains). All alias changes will be moderated. Now you can select the upgrade plans for the subscription to update all add-ons at once at a fixed price. For many of our clients, this is a very advantageous offer. Now you can find out the latest news about the company, the release of add-on updates, and new owr add-ons. Now we are finalizing another new section - Documentation. Soon all information about installation and configuration for each add-on will be there. We will be glad if you share your opinion on the changes to our site!
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