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CS-Cart add-ons
  • Payment system Transact PRO for CMS CS-Cart stores;
  • Latvia
  • allows the buyer to choose products from different categories;
  • works on search results page too
Save 20%
  • change the aspect ratio of images;
  • compress images;
  • delete unused images
$50.00 $40.00
  • show the best stores on any page;
  • flexible appearance settings
  • build a chain of conditions;
  • link products to categories;
  • virtual or physical linking
Save 33%
  • unlimited possibilities for automatic customization of stickers;
  • support for any image formats
$60.00 $40.00
  • check the history of order changes;
  • control the work of administrators
  • add images with one click;
  • relevant for CS-Cart versions up to 4.7.x (inclusive)
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June news digest
New add-ons Google Indexing API Speed-up the indexing of your website pages Sending for indexing directly from the admin panel Addons Manager Install add-ons in 2 clicks Follow the updates and subscription Try addon trial before buying (Premium subscription required) TOP 5 bestsellers Live search and Search history fast and convenient smart search; search history; flexible search settings Full page CACHE + HTML minify makes your store faster; improves the SEO ranking of the site; increases conversion Google style phone validation and standardizer Phone number verification Standardization of the entered phone number PayPal SDK checkout Easy and fast checkout in 2 clicks; Support PayPal Pay Later service. Product code generator generates a product SKU automatically; flexible settings of the article template Updated add-ons Live search and Search history 07/06/2022 v.7.3.11 [!] Important! Security fixed to prevent XSS attacks and SQL injections (Analize and recommendations from  AsapLab team ) [*] Improved image thumbnail generation function [!] Quick view language variable was changed [+] Added compatibility with search on product code of old option combinations cs-cart functionality on speed-up mode [+] Added tooltips on hober add to cart or add to wishlist buttons. [+] Added notifications with links when user adds product to wishlist or comparison list 23/06/2022 v.7.4.0 [!] Fixed misprint on translation [!] Fixed black color on some thumbnails images [!] Fixed compatibility issue with latest Unitheme 2 sticker bottom block on mobile deviсes [+] Added possibility to open product from search on new tab via context menu (right mouse click) [*] Added better logic for stop words [*] Added better logic to search phrases with additional symbols [*] Better lookup on add synonyms interface SEO meta templates 13/06/2022 v.2.4 [!] Fixed issue with undefined view php variable [+] Added new variables: [search_words], [vendor_state] [+] Added possibility to clone seo-meta schema [+] Added possibility to apply values to all languages 14/06/2022 v.2.4.1 [!] Fixed issue with using smarty syntax with empty feature values 29/06/2022 v.2.4.2 [!] Fixed issue with seo-url regeneration Orders from advertising 01/06/2022 v.1.1 [!] Fixed incompatibility issue with cs-cart version 4.11.3 and older Unite (merge) selected orders into one 02/06/2022 v.1.3.1 [!] Fixed issue with cs-cart compatibility with version 4.11.x and lower Products filter by categories add-on 07/06/2022 v.2.2 [!] Security addon upgardes and templates compatibility with latest cs-cart versions Advanced product price calculation (calculator) 09/06/2022 v.4.0.11 [+] Added possibility to use formula calculation inside "common products" (Multivendor) Product questions 09/06/2022 v.1.1 [+] Added compatibility with Vendor privileges addon (Multivendor) [+] Added compatibility with Full page cache addon (auto rebuild cache) Virtual categories - cs-cart addon 09/06/2022 v.2.1.9 [!] Fixed undefined variable php warning [+] Added hook for developers to activate virtual categories functionality on custom controllers 24/06/2022 v.2.2.0 [!] Fixed incompatibility issue caused on some stores with 3rd party addons [*] Security updates [+] Added possibility to restrict access to addon settings by admin usergroups Last Modified 10/06/2022 v.1.3 [!] Fixed issue with changed category 30/06/2022 v.1.3.1 [!] Fixed issue with old cs-cart versions compatibility (v4.11.x and lower) Search speedup add-on 10/06/2022 v.3.2.4 [*] Added templates compatibility with latest cs-cart versions IndexNow: instantly inform search engines about latest content changes 13/06/2022 v.1.1 [+] Added functionality to send to IndexNow queue products on change category seo name [+] Added functionality to indexNow queue products on import process.  16/06/2022 v.1.2 [+] Added indexNow settings to work with import process Product changes log cs-cart addon 16/06/2022 v.1.4.1 [!] Fixed compatibility issue with commerceML import process 24/06/2022 v.1.5.0 [+] Added add-on management settings for administrator groups [*] Updated add-on security Addons Manager 17/06/2022 v.1.0 [*] First addon release 20/06/2022 v.1.1 [*] Small templates fixes and better lookup 27/06/2022 v.1.2 [!] Minor visual fixes PayPal SDK checkout 21/06/2022 v.1.4.0 [+] Added possibility to disable pointed payment options YML Import products (xml yandex market structure) 21/06/2022 v.5.5.12 [!] Fixed issue with supplier link with incorrect ssl certificate [!] Fixed issue with load file via url button Pop-up notifications add-on for cs-cart 24/06/2022 v.1.11 [+] Added compatibility with Full page cache addon [!] Fixed issue with managing popups on multistorefront store 24/06/2022 v.1.11.1 [!] Fixed permission issues for administrators and vendors 27/06/2022 v.1.11.2 [*] Added compatibility with 3rd party permissions addons YML Export products 24/06/2022 v.4.3.0 [+] Added possibility to export product prices with additional margin in % [!] Security updates Product sales history add-on 24/06/2022 v.2.1.0 [*] Updated add-on security Full page CACHE + HTML minify 24/06/2022 v.4.8.0 [+] Added add-on management settings for administrator groups [*] Updated add-on security Google Indexing API 30/06/2022 v.1.0 [*] First addon release
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Get the most with the Premium subscription!
We always strive to offer the best solutions, surprise with fast technical support, give pleasure with promotions and discounts. And now we are introducing a Premium subscription - an exclusive pack with unlimited access to updates and a permanent discount on the purchase of all our add-ons! All the benefits are available within the domain connected to the Premium subscription. What is included in the subscription? Access to the latest updates of all purchased add-ons. You don't need to prolongate the subscription of each add-on separately. 30% discount on the purchase of add-ons and on the prolongation of the Premium subscription. The ability to install a trial version of the add-on before buying. This capability is available in our Add-ons Manager . Access to exclusive promotions for Premium subscribers only. Who benefits from a Premium subscription? Who uses several of our add-ons, because with a Premium subscription you can save a lot! More add-ons - more savings. Who wants to buy our add-ons with a 30% discount. Who wants to access all of our add-ons before purchase. What are the subscription options? There are two periods of subscription: 12 months 24 months Buy Premium
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