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CS-Cart add-ons

  • easy transfer products between categories;
  • products from version 1.2 can also be copied
  • update order statuses in bulk - it's faster this way
  • combine several features into one;
  • create a filter based on it
  • add questions and answers, group them;
  • place a block with questions and answers on any page of the site;
  • customize the look
  • customize the color scheme of the admin panel;
  • separate setting for each storefront and vendor
  • block harmful bots;
  • update the list of bots
  • redirect links are created automatically;
  • no broken links on the site
  • combine orders from one customer into one;
  • save time on order processing

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Digest of add-on upgrades in July
In the digest for July, we present to your attention the updates of the following add-ons: Admin panel color scheme add-on; Full page CACHE + HTML minify add-on; Import products from xml file yandex market format (YML); Product changes log cs-cart addon; Product code generator add-on; Product sales history add-on; Product changes log cs-cart addon 25/03/2021 v.1.3.0 [!] Fixed issue with one of feature type changes logs [+] Added better addon view for cs-cart v4.13.1 25/03/2021 v.1.3.0 [+] Added logs tab on variation product update page Import products from xml file yandex market format (YML) 13/04/2014 v.5.5.2 [+] Multivendor: Добавлена возможность сохранять статус товара на модерации после импорта [+] Multivendor: Добавлена возможность ограничивать импорт товаров согласно тарифному плану продавца [+] Добавлена возможность импортировать несколько значений для одной хар-ки. [!] Повышена стабильность работы парсера категорий, учитываются небольшие синтаксические ошибки поставщика прайс-листа 13/04/2014 v.5.5.2 [!] Fixed issue with variations grouping process on some pricelists 13/04/2014 v.5.5.2 [!] Fixed issue with product variables Full page CACHE + HTML minify add-on 07/10/2017 v.4.7.1 [+] Added possibility to save cache depending of applied user promotions 07/10/2017 v.4.7.1 [!] Fixed issue with Unitheme 2 custom settings for desktop and mobile devices lookup Admin panel color scheme add-on 13/02/2020 v.1.2 [!] Fixed issue with color scheme on vendor panel when storefront is closed Product code generator add-on 04/04/2015 v.2.3.0 [+] Added template to generate valid EAN-13 codes [+] Added better view for cs-cart v4.13.x 04/04/2015 v.2.3.0 [+] Added possibility to fix start digits on EAN13 standard Product sales history add-on 26/04/2016 v.2.0.1 [!] Fixed issue with sales history tab on variation product page
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We have updated the design and logo of the site!
Dear customers, we have great news! We have updated the design of our site, made it more convenient and modern. We have a new, brighter logo now. We added many new functionalities for you! We have a new section - HelpDesk. You can use it for questions about the work of our add-ons, suggestions for customizations, requests for the development of new add-ons or fix bugs. On the Downloads and subscriptions, you can change the main domain up to 3 times per month, as well as add and change aliases (test domains). All alias changes will be moderated. Now you can select the upgrade plans for the subscription to update all add-ons at once at a fixed price. For many of our clients, this is a very advantageous offer. Now you can find out the latest news about the company, the release of add-on updates, and new owr add-ons. Now we are finalizing another new section - Documentation. Soon all information about installation and configuration for each add-on will be there. We will be glad if you share your opinion on the changes to our site!
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