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CS-Cart add-ons

  • add fields for different objects;
  • fill in more information
  • speeds up search up to 25 times;
  • suitable for large stores
Save 25%
  • Epos payment system for CMS CS-Cart stores;
  • Belarus
$120.00 $90.00
  • Access to latest updates of all purchased addons 
  • 20% discount on add-ons and Premium prolongation
  • Access to trial add-ons before purchase them instantly
Save 25%
  • select only the fields you need for control;
  • track product changes
$40.00 $30.00
  • flexible settings;
  • wide application;
  • varied appearance
  • bulk tag editing;
  • export and import of product tags
  • need more conditions or bonuses for promotions - write to us!

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Digest of add-on upgrades in October
In the digest for October, we present to your attention the updates of the following add-ons: Advanced product price calculation (calculator); Full page CACHE + HTML minify add-on; Images gallery - add-on for CS-Cart; Live search and Search history add-on; Option calculation (calculator) add-on; Pop-up notifications add-on for cs-cart; SEO meta templates; Virtual categories - cs-cart addon; Live search and Search history add-on 01/10/2021 v.7.1.6 [+] Added possibility to search on all product features (if you not select any feature - search will work on all) [!] Fixed an issue with on Firefox browsers on some server configurations 05/10/2021 v.7.1.7 [*] Optimized DB connection on some server configuration to work faster 14/10/2021 v.7.1.8 [!] Fixed issue on search by part of feature variant name with speedup enabled [!] Fixed with displaying price on shared product from another storefront 21/10/2021 v.7.2.0 [+] Added JQUERY event trigger, now is very simple to do addon customizations on frontend part without addon core files changes.  [+] Added additional php hook before_response. Now developers have possibility to change any data before it will be sent on response. [!] Fixed issue on Ultimate on getting shared price with discounts 26/10/2021 v.7.2.1 [!] Fixed issue on 404 page footer blocks issue [!] Fixed issue on some templates styles on mobile iOS [!] Fixed issue on category search with usergroups restrictions Advanced product price calculation (calculator) 08/10/2021 v.4.0.5 [*] Added compatibility with newest cs-cart 4.13.x [+] Added additional hooks to more possibility with custom dev [+] Global variables now can be stored differently by storefronts or vendors Option calculation (calculator) add-on 08/10/2021 v.2.1.1 [*] Added compatibility with cs-cart v4.13.x Pop-up notifications add-on for cs-cart 08/10/2021 v.1.0 [*] First addon release Virtual categories - cs-cart addon 20/10/2021 v.2.1.3 [!] Fixed logic issue on Ultimate with shared products on categories condition Full page CACHE + HTML minify add-on 25/10/2021 v.4.7.2 [*] Added compatibility with php v8.0 SEO meta templates 27/10/2021 v.1.0 [*] First addon release Images gallery - add-on for CS-Cart 27/10/2021 v.1.0 [*] First addon release
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Digest of add-on upgrades in September
In the digest for September, we present to your attention the updates of the following add-ons: Currency exchange rates sync; Export to yandex market YML-format with categories selection; Links shortener for cs-cart; Live search and Search history add-on; Multipurpose image optimization and compression tool; Product changes log cs-cart addon; Product code generator add-on; Product currency add-on; Product stickers (text and graphic) - cs-cart add-on; Currency exchange rates sync 01/09/2021 v.1.0 First addon release Live search and Search history add-on 02/09/2021 v.7.1.1 [!] Fixed issue with list price currency symbol [!] Fixed issue with cache addons 06/09/2021 v.7.1.2 [!] Fixed issue on products results page with products variations 13/09/2021 v.7.1.3 [*] Rebuilded bots security function [*] Optimized show loading function 22/09/2021 v.7.1.4 [!] Fixed issue with blocking bots on some server configurations [!] Fixed issue with search products without main category 28/09/2021 v.7.1.5 [+] Added possibility to disable function of blocking search results for bots [*] Upgraded function to periodically refresh security token [!] Fixed issue on some server configurations with missed Registry class Product stickers (text and graphic) - cs-cart add-on 07/09/2021 v.2.2.0 [*] Speed and DB requests optimization Export to yandex market YML-format with categories selection 09/09/2021 v.4.0.3 [!] Fixed issue with export status change for single product Product currency add-on 14/09/2021 v.4.0.5 [!] Fixed issue with products preloader on edit order page 20/09/2021 v.4.0.6 [+] Added possibility to search products by currency [!] Fixed issue with Common Products for Vendors addon select currency Links shortener for cs-cart 15/09/2021 v.1.0 [*] First addon release Product changes log cs-cart addon 22/09/2021 v.1.3.1 [!] Fixed issue with "Warehouses" amounts changes [!] Fixed issue with single checkbox products feature changes Multipurpose image optimization and compression tool 28/09/2021 v.1.7.0 [*] New addon lookup on cs-cart v4.13.x [!] Small tpl issues and redirects after image actions Product code generator add-on 28/09/2021 v.2.3.2 [!] Fixed issue with generate product codes button link
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