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Images/files file size limits for vendors  allows you to limit the size of uploaded files or images to your server.
This add-on allows you to make import from compressed zip-file. Zip archive can contain many csv files - all files will be loaded.
YML is a special case of xml, specialized for commodity platforms. This format of product description allows stores to provide the most complete and...

Attract customers discounts and bonuses. With our module you can do it easily.


This add-on collects information about sale of each product. Now you can find all the necessary information in the product sales history.


This add-on allows toy to control shipping methods for each product or a whole product category.

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Payment gateway system ASSIST for cs-cart shops.

$120.00 $90.00

With our add-on you can see orders addresses on one map, which greatly simplifies the transport logistics.


The add-on allows to load an unlimited number of files in any order in the admin panel, the user can view and download this files on the detailed order page.

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Payment gateway system easy pay ( www.easypay.by) for cscart shops. Tested on versions v4.x Full integration and automation of accepting payments...
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This add-on is a supplement to the add-on "Advanced product price calculation (calculator)". It calculates the value of options on the basis of the previously entered data.

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Webpay payment gateway ( www.webpay.by ) for cs-cart. 
$120.00 $90.00

Expand the functionality of Cs-Cart online store with additional extensions by CS-Commerce Software Solutions.

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