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This addon allows you to specify the currency for each shipping method. Addon support instant upgrades via upgarde center.
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This add-on allows you  sync currency rates with the National Bank of Belarus on a daily basis in an automatic mode or at any time in the manual...
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The add-on allows to load an unlimited number of files in any order in the admin panel, the user can view and download this files on the detailed order page.

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Did you ever have to think about what happens to orders in your online store? Did you have any issues during the processing of the order? Have you...
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Keep track of everything that is happening in your online store in real time with the new add on "Orders and callbacks’ real time notifications." Thanks...
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The extended notification addon allows you to send the following events to the notification center: Notices about product, category, page,...
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Save 17%
A simple and easy-to-use addon that allows you to add a product filter by their tags to your website. The addon is easy to install and supports instant...
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Images/files file size limits for vendors  allows you to limit the size of uploaded files or images to your server.
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The Product code generator add-on is developed to generate a product code very easy. On add-on settings page you specify a template for code generator. It...
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This add-on allows you to manage payment methods for each product or the whole product category.

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Addon support instant upgardes from upgrade center. One of the most important tasks for every online store is the development of the catalog tree of...
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This add-on allows you to transfer products from one category to another in just a couple of clicks. Useful module for site administration...
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