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Extend the default possibilities of your promotions. This addon allows you to add additional conditions and bonuses: Conditions :...
Save 17%
A simple and easy-to-use addon that allows you to add a product filter by their tags to your website. The addon is easy to install and supports instant...
$30.00 $25.00
The extended notification addon allows you to send the following events to the notification center: Notices about product, category, page,...
Export, import and bulk edit product tags with a simple but extremely user-friendly addon that expands your tag management possibilities.  Key...
This addon allows you to specify the currency for each shipping method. Addon support instant upgrades via upgarde center.
Payment gateway for JCC Cyprus system https://www.jcc.com.cy
Easy to use and efficient addon of additional fields . You can add fields for additional information, or for inserting a video, or for any other...
Save 25%
A useful tool for tracking product changes on your website. The changelog can track changes of the following fields: In stock field; Product...
$40.00 $30.00
Save 33%
The "Product stickers" add-on allows you to create a unique sticker for a product by linking it to selected products or setup an automatic logic based on...
$60.00 $40.00
Save 33%
Tired of tying every product to categories? There is a universal solution for filling your categories! Check any category as virtual and build a chain...
$60.00 $40.00
Save 25%
Epos payment gateway ( www.e-pos.by ) for cs-cart. 
$120.00 $90.00
The Upgrade subscription pack allows you to keep all your add-ons up to date for every domain. You do not need to keep track of the subscription of each...

Expand the functionality of Cs-Cart online store with additional extensions by CS-Commerce Software Solutions.

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