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CS-Cart Russian version- software for online stores open source, created based on PHP and MySQL. This product is easy to use interface allows you to start selling online immediately after installation. Large set of functions suitable for both small online stores, and large online hypermarket with multiple independent windows. In CS-Cart is a unique opportunity in the mode Widget Your online store will be displayed on any Web page other sites (this can be a blog, personal website or a web page of the company).

Additional features on cs-cart Russian build

"Russian version of CS-Cart" is equipped with the basic functions for a successful Internet business in Russia. Get to know the full list of features CS-Cart for online sales.Integration with 1C
For integration must use version 8.2 of "1C: Enterprise" and CS-Cart at least version 4.0.1.
Data exchange online store platform "1C: 

Enterprise" by using the standard function "Exchange site" format CommerceML.Starting the exchange of data can be manually or automatically (on schedule).Automatic unloading of the product catalog from 1C to the site shall be based on the sections and subsections of nomenclature, the name, brief and full description, manufacturer, properties, characteristics, types, prices, special offers, images.Creating a selection when unloading the website: possible complete discharge, and only those objects that have changed.Automatic download from the site in 1C orders from customers and counterparties involved in the order.Display 1C discharge process, error control.Automatic update of residues and commodity prices from 1C.The minimum load on the server due to import / export data parts. View all able to communicate with 1C

Payment methods
Includes basic ways of online payment: cash, credit card and other.
Available payment through terminals, mobile shops, bank transfer, mail Russia and others.The system is integrated with a variety of payment services: PayMaster, Yandex, RBK Money, PlatiDoma, QIWI, Webmoney, Assist, Robokassa, Sberbank.Opportunity to pay for goods on credit with using services YesCredit, «All in credit", "Buy a loan."

Delivery of goods
Calculating the cost and time of delivery in real time on the checkout page.The calculation is made based on the weight of the goods and the destination. Delivery to any location in Russia and 230 countries.Integration with Russian Post, EMS Russian Post and the leading Russian and international delivery services with a module eDost. Localization
The symbol of the ruble.

The Russian currency is the default.Synchronization with the exchange rate of the CBR.Tools of marketing and promotion
Automatic export of products in the directory services of search and selection of goods and of Yandex.Market Товары@mail.ru. Web analytics in your online store from Moscow.Quick email and sms mailing your customer base through the service UniSender.The possibility of authorization customers through popular social network VKontakte, Facebook and services Yandex, Google, Rambler and others.

Our advantages

  • add-on is compatible with the basic themes;
  • supported platforms CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor version 4.xx or higher;
  • full guarantee of the add-on after making the payment;
  • no fees for additional storefronts;
  • 6 months of free upgrades after the purchase;
  • 50% discount for purchase upgrades;
  • free advice and support for installation;
  • easy installation by admin panel without changing the core files.


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cs-cart add-ons, cs-cart licences, cs-cart developing
cs-cart add-ons, cs-cart licences, cs-cart developing
cs-cart add-ons, cs-cart licences, cs-cart developing
cs-cart add-ons, cs-cart licences, cs-cart developing
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