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Buying license CS-Cart and UniTheme from us we will install UniTheme for free!

Buying a license from us, we provide a 50% discount on all our add-ons at the time of license purchase, as well as a 30% permanent discount on all our add-ons and their updates!

    CS-Cart + UniTheme Pack this combination of powerful functionality, thought out to the smallest details of design and professional SEO-optimization. Buying CS-Cart + UniTheme Pack, you save hundreds of thousands of monetary units on the services of designers and SEO-optimizers.
  • Sophisticated responsive design - design of your online store will be flawless on any device and screen resolution: the layout of the pages was thought through by usability engineers and marketers. The top panel includes all the navigation elements and is always in sight. The menu adapts to the screen resolution, takes up little space, but accommodates a maximum of the elements of the directory structure.
  • Convenient shopping - with one click, the buyer can hide the filters from the category page and stretch the list of products to the full width of the page so the buyer removes unwanted items to focus on the goods. Two templates are available for the item card with vertical display of thumbnails of additional images, they save space for other content. If the list of products is so large that it does not fit on one page, the buyer will not have to click on the links of the pages just press one button at the end of the product list, and new products are immediately loaded. The button displays the total number of items in the list.
    • SEO-optimization - now you don’t have to spend tens of thousands on SEO services. The developers have already applied all the basic requirements of SEOs:
    • excluded H1 headers from block names;
    • optimized the code for category pages: first the main content follows the code, and then everything else;
    • raised the H1 header in the code as high as possible;
    • increased page loading speed;
    • improved viewing depth and customer retention per page.
  • Attracting customer attention to discounts - for goods with a discount the corresponding label is displayed. In UniTheme for this label, you can set the color depending on the size of the discount. Colors are configured through the CS-Cart visual theme editor. So discounted products will definitely notice and conversion will increase.
  • Extended work with banners - UniTheme includes add-on that adds a banner editor to the store. This means that you do not need to hire a designer or independently draw banners from scratch. Just copy the picture and enter text through the editor. In 2 minutes you will get a spectacular banner adapted to any resolution. Use headings and plain text, format and set the text of the button. Another add-on allows you to add banners directly to the product grid on the category page. This technique will help to advertise the right product and encourage customers to buy.
  • Quick sale of the right product - if you need to sell a product as quickly as possible, make it a product of the day. The product of the day is marked with a special label and a timer is added to it until the end of the sale. Such product can be effectively advertised on the main page with the help of a special promotional block.
cs-cart add-ons, cs-cart licences, cs-cart developing
cs-cart add-ons, cs-cart licences, cs-cart developing
cs-cart add-ons, cs-cart licences, cs-cart developing
cs-cart add-ons, cs-cart licences, cs-cart developing
cs-cart add-ons, cs-cart licences, cs-cart developing
Модули cs-cart, лицензии cs-cart
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