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This add on works only in conjunction with Import products from xml file yandex market format (YML)
For correct operation, the version of the Import products from xml file yandex market format (YML) 3.6 or higher is required!
The add-on Yml files' manager, allows you to manage the files of price sheets for import in YML format: add an unlimited number of price lists, group them and set the refresh rate, with the add-on Yml files' manager, you can also specify individual settings for a single price list.

Our advantages

  • add-on is compatible with the basic themes;
  • supported platforms CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor version 4.xx or higher;
  • full guarantee of the add-on after making the payment;
  • no fees for additional storefronts;
  • 6 months of free upgrades after the purchase;
  • 50% discount for purchase upgrades;
  • free advice and support for installation;
  • easy installation by admin panel without changing the core files;
  • 30 days money back: if add-on doesn’t work for you, we will refund your money!