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Live Search Add-on makes the search engine on your website more efficient.
You can search on the following products fields:

  • product name;
  • product keywords;
  • product meta-data;
  • product descriptions;
  • product features;
  • product options;

Live Search Add-on has the ability to search products, categories, brands and vendors (if multivendor edition)!
All this features have settings to enable or disable each function. You can configure the number of input characters to start your search and limit the results displayed in the search box. To show more products, there is a "Show more" button with loading animation. You can change styles of the search box in the add-on settings (color and background of all elements). These flexible options allow you to use this add-on for all types of cs-cart stores and marketplaces. When you enter search request relevant results are displayed directly.

Search results are sorted in accordance with a built-in intelligent search algorithm, in which the most relevant results are displayed in the top lines.

Last updates:

  • Now products out of stock can be placed at the end of the search list!
  • You can turn on the product category label in the search product list. For every category label can be set unique label color.

Live search is compatible with Search speedup add-on.

Tired of reading a lot of text? - Try the demo on

Our advantages

  • add-on is compatible with the basic themes;
  • supported platforms CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor version 4.xx or higher;
  • full guarantee of the add-on after making the payment;
  • no fees for additional storefronts;
  • 6 months of free upgrades after the purchase;
  • 50% discount for purchase upgrades;
  • free advice and support for installation;
  • easy installation by admin panel without changing the core files.


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Отличный модуль! Легкий в установке и настройке, работает быстро, отображение выдачи радует глаз (можно и корректировать на свой вкус) Рекомендую!

As for Patrick hereunder, I tried several live searches addon and I must say this one is by far the best I've seen. It is great and should have all key features needed to cover yours needs. Should you miss anything or have questions ?
Support is great above that ! :)

Хорошая штуковина. Удобно пользоваться и выглядит серьезно. Удобно что предлагает все найденные совпадения без чистого вхождения. Рекомендую однозначно!

Realy great addon and fasntastic service after purchase. I asked them about few improvements and they implemented them all very quickly. The best live seach addon I have found (I bought one that should be similar some time ago somewhere else and the qality difference is huge).

Модуль супер.
У меня свыше тысячи товаров, скорость выдачи хорошая. Модуль оформлен красиво и стоит своих денег. Разработчики всегда на связи, быстро решают вопросы. В общем молодцы!

php 7.1 - работает исправно.

Модуль отличный.
Радует хорошая и быстрая техподдержка разработчика.

На php 7.0 работает норм. Только в браузере Safari на iPhone пока не пашет.

Модуль не работает на php 7.1, на php 5.4 все нормально больше года.
Ждем обновления .

Модуль просто необходим для магазинов с большим количеством товаров.
Простая установка и настройка, рекомендую. Спасибо за вашу работу.

The add-on do as it says and extra. Before buying I spoke with the developer and tell him my concerns, some extra stuff I need for the add-on to work on my website (price to be hidden on no registered customers, price to be shown with discounted value and not list value, etc...) and he did all that very fast! The support is super great, and the add-on is working great!

This addon working perfect without any core file modification. Best choice for all CS-Cart owner

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