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The Live Search add-on is a fast and convenient search for products in your online store, which you can easily manage. Flexible add-on's settings allows you to use it for all types of online stores and trading platforms. Live Search makes the search engine on the site more efficient. You can search by the following completed product fields:

  • product's name;
  • Keywords;
  • meta-data;
  • goods' description;
  • characteristics of the product;
  • Product options.

Suitable search results are immediately displayed as the query is collected and sorted not only according to the maximum match of the query, but also in accordance with the built-in intelligent search algorithm, in which the most relevant results are displayed in the top lines. A unique built-in system for calculating the popularity of goods for each search phrase accrues goods for each click, in turn, the system for the relevant sorting of goods forms subsequent lists taking into account the gained popularity of the goods. Also, you can independently set the popularity of goods, thereby regulating their order in the list for each search query.

Live search provides the ability to adjust the number of input characters to start the search and the limit of the results displayed in the search window. To display more products found, there is a "Show more" button with animation on boot.


The Live Search add-on has its own built-in style editor, with which you can change the design of the search box, colors and backgrounds of all elements.

Why you have to choose our Live search add-on:

  • Easy and fast installation of the add-on from the admin panel;
  • Intuitive user interface;
  • Unique system of relevant goods sorting and built-in system of calculating product popularity to each search phrase!
  • Add-on allows you to specify the number of products that need to be displayed per search query;
  • Add-on allows you to sort goods in ascending or descending order when issued on the following data:
    • relevance;
    • popularity to each search phrase with relevance;
    • date of creation of the goods;
    • name;
    • price;
    • popularity;
    • bestsellers;
    • discounted goods.
  • Built-in system of accounting for the history of search queries and the editor of the popularity of goods for each search phrase. In the Marketing / Search History tab, you can view the statistics of the entered search phrases, as well as adjust the popularity of the product to the search phrase;
  • In each product you will be able to see the History of the product search, among other things, view the popularity of the goods to the search phrase, in case of need, and adjust the popularity of the goods to the search phrase;
  • Built-in search history history system and product popularity editor for each search phrase;
  • Built-in style editor (you can change the design of the search window in the add-on settings (colors and backgrounds of all elements);
  • The add-on has the ability to search not only goods, but also categories, brands and sellers (multivendor version)!
  • Stop words are supported for searching by goods;
  • Supports multivitron search (if you have more than one display case);
  • Can work in conjunction with our Search speedup add-on;
  • 6 months of free updates;

Each of the above items can be enabled or disabled in the settings of the add-on at your request.

Latest updates:

  • Goods that are not in stock can be sent to the end of the list of found goods.
  • You can include a color label with the category name of the found product. You have the opportunity to use our selection of 10 colors, as well as automatic generation of a unique color for each category.

Live search is compatible with Search speedup add-on.

Tired of reading a lot of text? - Try the demo on

  • add-on is compatible with the basic themes;
  • supported platforms CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor version 4.xx or higher;
  • full guarantee of the add-on after making the payment;
  • no fees for additional storefronts;
  • 6 months of free upgrades after the purchase;
  • 50% discount for purchase upgrades;
  • free advice and support for installation;
  • easy installation by admin panel without changing the core files.

Live search and Search history add-on for cs-cart by

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Хороший модуль. Не слишком перегружен, простой и удобный в пользовании. Удобные настройки и приятный дизайн.

Замечательный модуль! После установки продажи поднялись процентов на 10, установка и настройка легкая. Сбоев в работе нет.

Отличный модуль, обязателен для любого современного интернет магазина. Работает быстро, полезная функция поиск категорий. Легкая установка.

Отличный модуль! Очень нравится оперативность работы службы поддержки! Нравится статистика и возможность отредактировать под себя отображение! Спасибо за модуль!

I must say I am impressed on how this live search works, its fast by itself, but if you want it to be faster or have many products and also look for the Search speedup add-on for CS-Cart by this same guys, its customisable, also the search history it's a plus, knowing what the customer are actually searching for

Отличный модуль. Работает отменно. Нашим покупателям очень нравится. Поиск товаров стал гараздо удобнее. Не нужно клиентам искать нужный товар в категориях. Последнее обновление открыло много других возможностей. Статистика поисковых запросов на сайте дает возможность делать детальный анализ спроса. Повышать конверсию и многое многое другое! Стоимость приятно удивила! Модуль окупился за 3 дня! Рекомендуем!

Very good addon, its functionality and look are very nice. The support is very helpful and fast

Very Nice add'on. Simple to use and install, fast search and really simple for customer to find what they need. You can customise the color like you want and for me the search history is very usefull.

Our best choice of Live Search add-ons. Awesome features, quick support, multi-languages and suitable price.

Fantastic addon with brilliant support. I asked for a little tweak, which was done without question, in record time. Really adds such value to my search function on my site. Thanks guys!! Well done.

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