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Multi-vendor lifetime license (one year updates) - International edition

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CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is an extended version of CS-Cart, which allows you to create a marketplace where many stores can manage the sales of their own products through one common storefront. Multi-Vendor is the ideal solution for online stores with several independent vendors or for virtual shopping centers with a large number of individual units. Multi-Vendor includes, in addition to the functions of CS-Cart, an additional multiplayer functionality that allows vendors to manage their products. In order to become a seller, you must fill out the form and wait for its approval by the administrator.

    Key features of administration in CS-Cart Multi-Vendor:
  • Advanced vendors Payment System.
    Automate payouts by sellers and save 90% of your time. Payment management is the most important part of each trading platform. You will have to deal with commissions and the distribution of payments between sellers every day. In Multi-Vendor, you can pay merchants manually or automatically.
  • Customized merchant rate plans
    Sellers' pricing plans are a flexible tool that will help you increase your income. Get extra income from monthly seller payments. In the Multi-Vendor system, you can create plans for sellers with various conditions and restrictions.
  • Distribution of duties between administrators.
    Starting a large trading platform is much easier if you transfer part of your responsibilities to your employees. The Multi-Vendor platform allows you to register your employees and set different levels of access to the admin panel for them.
  • Flexible vendor approval system.
    Easy and effective product management is available. You can allow sellers to post their products without your approval. Approve every product added by sellers. Allow select sellers to add products without your approval.
  • Advanced Order Management System.
    In Multi-Vendor, customers do not need to place multiple orders for the purchase of goods from several vendors. They place only one order and make one payment. In the admin panel, separate orders are created and each seller will see his order, which contains only his products.
  • Detailed statistics and reports.
    Multi-Vendor works with Google Analytics. This service creates detailed statistics about your site visitors. This will give you detailed information about the movements on your site and the effectiveness of your marketing. Another built-in analysis tool is called Sales Reports. He gives detailed statistics on sales on your trading platform. Statistics can be shown as graphical or tabular data. For convenience, the data are grouped into separate reports.
  • Special categories for vendors.
  • Actions on behalf of the vendors.
  • Advanced Search.
  • Comments and reviews.
  • ver 70 integrated payment systems.
  • Multilingual, multicurrency and taxes.
  • 8 ways to calculate real-time delivery + create and calculate manual delivery methods.
  • Refund.
  • Built-in layout editor.
  • Quick content editing.
  • Adaptive design.
  • Promotions.
  • Cross-selling tools.
  • Data exchange.
  • SEO.
  • Abandoned baskets.
  • Embedded blog.
  • Built-in import-export.
  • Mass editing of goods.
  • Built-in backup and restore database.
    Key seller features in CS-Cart Multi-Vendor:
  • Separate admin panel from the seller.
    Each seller has their own admin panel, which allows them to manage their products and set their own settings for their store.
  • 26 built-in languages.
    ttract merchants from different countries. You are not bound by language restrictions. Multi-Vendor includes 26 languages.
  • Calculate real-time and manual delivery.
    Vendors can customize delivery methods with real-time fare calculation using 8 world-famous carriers.
  • Vendor account, sales reports and statistics.
    Let your salespeople analyze your business. With the help of the Multi-Vendor functionality, your sellers have access to detailed statistics on their sales on your trading platform. Like the store administrator, merchants can view statistics in the form of graphical or tabular data.
  • Email notifications about orders.
  • Call back.
  • Multicurrency and taxes.
  • Template selection for product pages.
  • Pages and forms of vendors.
  • Tracking the amount of goods in stock.
  • Multicurrency and taxes.
  • Bonus program.
  • Privacy policy.

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