Live search and Search history add-on's logs

    Version 5.4.4 January, 02 2019:
  • Rebuilded add-on settings page;
  • Added possibility to add product to cart and wish-list from search results (Also styles settings to customize it);
  • Added possibility to search product by ID field;
  • Added possibility search categories by meta-keywords;
  • Added possibility  to hide product code on search results;
  • Added possibility ta make sorting on admin panel on search history pages;
    Version 5.3 28 September, 28 2018:
  • Added possibility to hide price on search window.
    Version 5.2 July, 11 2018:
  • Fixed error on admin panel, when admin trying search by time period.
    Version 5.1 March, 16 2018:
  • We have added posibility to set one color to category labels on search results and made some fixes on css styles for mobile devices and sorting functionality.
    Version 5.0 December, 26 2017:
  • Search history;
  • Order products by product popularity per search phrase with automatic insrease;
  • Close search window button.
    Version 4.3 September, 19 2017:
  • storefronts categories search;
  • meta title and meta-description fields available for search.
    Version 4.2 August, 26 2017:
  • We have added new setting to show parent category name on categories search.
    Version 4.1 August, 17 2017:
  • Some changes on search logic and highlight text on search.
    Version 4.0 June, 30 2017:
  • We have added styles editor. Added compatibility with our search speed up add-on ( We have rebuild js-script and now Live search add-on using ajax caching. We have removed next and prev buttons and now add-on use show more button with ajax loading. Added add-on new versions checker.