Refund policy

This document defines policy regarding sales of software and services by means of website This document contains rights of users who purchase software (add-ons) or services of company, and also restrictions and exceptions regarding all customer’s purchases.

In case if Customer places and order (purchases software or service) he confirms his agreement with this document.

Company is not responsible for compatibility of its products with any other software or its versions except for the ones mentioned on the page of the product.

Company does its best to prevent any refund demand by means of disputes with consumer. However if customer is not satisfied with service or software quality he can get refund provided that the following conditions are met.

  1. Custom-developed modifications
  2. CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor software
  3. Modules sold by
  4. How to get a refund

Custom-developed modifications

Before the project is paid customer is obliged to study the technical assignment provided by company’s personnel. If customer pays for the project he automatically confirms that the technical assignment is made according to his requests.

Customer can get refund for modification or design development however company charges a fee for cancellation of order. If customer requests refund before the company’s personnel enters on a project, order cancellation will cost 20% (twenty percent) of the general cost of the project. The rest part (80% - eighty percent) will be returned. If customer requests refund after the company’s personnel enters on a project, order cancellation will be calculated depending on the amount of work completed.

CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor software (any version)

CS-Cart refund policy does not presuppose refund for discounted software. Therefore You won’t be able to get a refund for CS-Cart platform purchased in our company.

Add-ons sold by cs-commerce

You can get a refund for add-ons developed by within 30 days since the purchase day and only when purchasing the first license.
You cannot receive a refund in the following cases:

  • For subsequent addon licenses;
  • For addons for which you have previously requested a refund;
  • For renewing the subscription to upgrades;
  • For purchased Premium subscription.
  • For add-ons, purchased on Black Friday sale

How to get a refund

All refund requests are directed by e-mail on address of company ( and should contain indication of the request reason. Decisions regarding refund are made within 1 – 3 working days. If customer gets a refund he is obliged to delete software (add-ons) and all its parts and not to use it for any purpose.