Upgrade policy

The following document defines cs-commerce policy regarding upgrade of company’s add-ons and services.

  1. Definitions
  2. Add-ons
  3. Services
  4. Other


Company’s Site – website available at the address http://www.cs-commerce.com
Design integration services – change of client’s site files in order to make it look as it is mentioned in the technical assignment.
Modification (Modifications) – any change of any product code or custom-developed add-on.
Development services – services of custom-developed modifications.
Add-on (Add-ons) – add-on developed by company and sold via website cs-commerce.com
Add-on description – description which can be found on detailed page of the corresponding product of company.


Customer who got right for using add-on gets a free access to new versions of the product within six months since the purchase day (purchase day is the day when company confirms payment) however company is not obliged to install upgrade (or upgraded version of the product) on user’s store free of charge.

Company does not guarantee regular upgrade of add-ons and unilaterally makes decisions regarding necessity of development and release of new version of add-on.

Company guarantees compatibility of add-ons only with software mentioned in add-ons description. Company does not take obligations regarding recovery of errors connected with installation of Modules on software which is not mentioned in the description on detailed page of add-on.

Upon expiration of access to new versions of the addon, user has the right to renew the subscription to updates. The cost of renewing a subscription of a single addon depends on its base cost and is equal to its base cost when renewing for 1 year.


While rendering design development and integration services company guarantees compatibility of any developments only with those products and their versions which are mentioned in the technical assignment.

Under no circumstances does company guarantees compatibility of modifications with unreleased versions of products and does not take obligations regarding free changes of modifications in order to make them compatible with versions of products released after approval of the technical assignment.


Company reserves the right to alter this document. If user continues using site, services or products of company it means that user accepts terms of the altered document.