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CS-Cart add-ons
Save 29%
  • fast and convenient smart search;
  • search history;
  • flexible search settings
$120.00 $85.00
Save 29%
  • makes your store faster;
  • improves the SEO ranking of the site;
  • increases conversion
$120.00 $85.00
  • generates a product SKU automatically;
  • flexible settings of the article template
  • product price calculation based on options, features, etc.;
  • the calculation can be unique for each product
  • notifications without page reloading;
  • beep and blinking browser tab title
  • real-time export;
  • products filter for export
  • speeds up the site;
  • reduces server load;
  • raises in search results
  • choose the currency for each product;
  • set the currency for product categories
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May news digest
TOP 5 bestsellers Live Search with Search History fast and convenient smart search; search history; flexible search settings Premium subscription Access to latest updates of all purchased addons  30% discount on add-ons and Premium prolongation Access to trial add-ons before purchase them instantly Product currency add-on choose the currency for each product; set the currency for product categories Full page CACHE + HTML minify makes your store faster; improves the SEO ranking of the site; increases conversion Shipping method currency choose the currency for each shipping method Updated add-ons Product questions 06/05/2024 v.2.1.2 [!] Fixed issue on user email notification on multilinguals websites [*] Prevent possibility to send questions from bots when guest questions was disabled Live Search with Search History 22/05/2024 v.8.0.3 [*] Improvements on search speedup function on Hard mode 23/05/2024 v.8.0.4 [!] Minor issue fix with search speedup function Product shipping methods add-on 02/05/2024 v.3.6.0 [*] Basic security addon updates. Search speedup add-on 02/05/2024 v.3.3.0 [+]  Added "Add-on upgrades" block with subscription relevance. [*] Basic security addon updates. Product currency add-on 02/05/2024 v.6.3.2 [!] Fixed issue with Vendor currency addon [+] Added compatibility with AB addon price generator 23/05/2024 v.6.3.3 [*] Improvements on get currencies function on Multivendor ultimate stores YML Import products (xml yandex market structure) 17/05/2024 v.5.8.2 [!] Fixed issue on end of import when product variations add-on is uninstalled on the server Redirect from deleted objects 07/05/2024 v.2.2.0 [+] Added redirect setting from 404 pages. [+] Added redirect setting from disabled product pages.  [+] Added redirect setting from disabled category pages. 16/05/2024 v.2.2.1 [!] Fixed issue with creation redirect on some Multivendor configurations Shipping method currency 06/05/2024 v.1.2.0 [+] Added "Add-on upgrades" block with subscription relevance. [!] Fixed an error when trying to enter the addon settings. [*] Basic security addon updates. Multistatuses: additional order statuses 08/05/2024 v.1.1.1 [+] Added possibility to get and put multi-statuses build in cs-cart via API FAQ addon (questions and answers) 13/05/2024 v.4.0.1 [!] Fixed issue with privileges on some configurations Product payment methods add-on 22/05/2024 v.2.4.1 [!] Fixed incompatibility issue with php 8.1 on some cases YML Export products 23/05/2024 v.4.8.3 [+] Added compatibility with latest cs-cart 4.18.1 version Address fields autocomplete 28/05/2024 v.3.1.1 [!] Fixed js undefined variable error on some configurations 31/05/2024 v.3.1.2 [*] Scripts optimization to work together with cities addon Import/Export categories 29/05/2024 v.1.4.0 [!] Fixed issue with importing seo names on some store configurations [*] Basic addon security updates SEO meta templates 29/05/2024 v.2.7.1 [!] Fixed conflict issue with working together with our import categories addon when trying to import categories seo names
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Subscription week - prolongate upgrades subscription with a discount!
Dear clients! We are pleased to announce a special week of discounts on prolongate subscription for add-ons upgrades and Premium subscription! An add-on is not just a tool. This is your faithful and reliable assistant. In order for it to remain relevant and functional, it periodically needs your attention and care. Upgrades give you compatibility with the latest cs-cart version, bug fixes, maintenance, performance improvements and add new functionality.  The promotion is valid from May 20 to May 26, 2024! Information about all your subscriptions for updates and the cost of its extension at a discount is on the Licenses Management page . If your add-on upgrades subscription has expired. Prolongate your subscription with a  30% discount! Is your upgrades subscription not expired yet? If you have an active upgrade subscription, renew it with a  50% discount! Sign up for a  Premium subscription  now with a  30% discount, and there is a  50% discount for prolongating your  Premium subscription ! Premium subscription  gives you a permanent 30% discount at any time on all add-ons, access to exclusive promotions and unlimited access to purchased addon upgrades.
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