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Do you want to increase the speed of your CS-Cart online store? Addon «Full page CACHE add-on for CS-Cart + HTML minify» is exactly what you need!...
$120.00 $70.00
Save 42%
See how it works on live demo Quick, easy, smart and Live Search for CS-Cart online stores! What could be more important than a quick and easy...
$120.00 $70.00

This add-on is 25 times faster than the standard site search.

The Product code generator add-on is developed to generate a product code very easy. On add-on settings page you specify a template for code generator. It...
This add-on allows you to perform complex calculation of product price depending on the user input parameters. Calculation is based on...
Keep track of everything that is happening in your online store in real time with the new add on "Orders and callbacks’ real time notifications." Thanks...
Save 22%
Simple Export to Yandex Market add-on for cs-cart generates a file in the YML format, which will always be available on a permanent link. You can save the...
$45.00 $35.00
The greater the distance between the user and the server, the longer the data transfer process. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network (content...

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Digest of add-on upgrades for September
In the digest for September, we present to your attention the updates of the following add-ons: Currency exchange rates sync; Export to yandex market YML-format with categories selection; Links shortener for cs-cart; Live search and Search history add-on; Multipurpose image optimization and compression tool; Product changes log cs-cart addon; Product code generator add-on; Product currency add-on; Product stickers (text and graphic) - cs-cart add-on; Currency exchange rates sync 01/09/2021 v.1.0 First addon release Live search and Search history add-on 02/09/2021 v.7.1.1 [!] Fixed issue with list price currency symbol [!] Fixed issue with cache addons 06/09/2021 v.7.1.2 [!] Fixed issue on products results page with products variations 13/09/2021 v.7.1.3 [*] Rebuilded bots security function [*] Optimized show loading function 22/09/2021 v.7.1.4 [!] Fixed issue with blocking bots on some server configurations [!] Fixed issue with search products without main category 28/09/2021 v.7.1.5 [+] Added possibility to disable function of blocking search results for bots [*] Upgraded function to periodically refresh security token [!] Fixed issue on some server configurations with missed Registry class Product stickers (text and graphic) - cs-cart add-on 07/09/2021 v.2.2.0 [*] Speed and DB requests optimization Export to yandex market YML-format with categories selection 09/09/2021 v.4.0.3 [!] Fixed issue with export status change for single product Product currency add-on 14/09/2021 v.4.0.5 [!] Fixed issue with products preloader on edit order page 20/09/2021 v.4.0.6 [+] Added possibility to search products by currency [!] Fixed issue with Common Products for Vendors addon select currency Links shortener for cs-cart 15/09/2021 v.1.0 [*] First addon release Product changes log cs-cart addon 22/09/2021 v.1.3.1 [!] Fixed issue with "Warehouses" amounts changes [!] Fixed issue with single checkbox products feature changes Multipurpose image optimization and compression tool 28/09/2021 v.1.7.0 [*] New addon lookup on cs-cart v4.13.x [!] Small tpl issues and redirects after image actions Product code generator add-on 28/09/2021 v.2.3.2 [!] Fixed issue with generate product codes button link
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Digest of add-on upgrades for August
In the digest for August, we present to your attention the updates of the following add-ons: 2C2P Payment Gateway; Additional object fields/tabs add-on; Filter by product tags - cs-cart addon; Import products from xml file yandex market format (YML); JCC Cyprus payment gateway for cscart; Live search and Search history add-on; Option calculation (calculator) add-on; Product changes log cs-cart addon; Product currency add-on; Product payment methods add-on; Product shipping methods add-on; Live search and Search history add-on 04/08/2021 v.7.0.0 The 7.x version branch is the new generation of the live search add-on. Everything has been changed, from the internal architecture of the add-on to the appearance. The add-on was developed from scratch, relying on the accumulated experience of the old 5.x branch, so all the functions is preserved, and at the same time new ones have been added. Changing the architecture of the add-on has made possibility to achieve a significant acceleration of the search and unlimited possibilities for further expanding the functionality of the add-on. So what's new in version 7.0: Filter search results by categories directly in the search popup; Keyboard Navigation on search results in popup; Search synonyms; Ability to choose a theme (Modern and Classic) and change color schemes for each of them Built-in search speed-up (for high-load projects); Search motivation; Search phrases; Search history by user. Quick view and add to the compare list buttons. 04/08/2021 v.7.0.1 Fixing found issues from first release: [!] Fixed incompatibility with Common Products addon; [!] Fixed file permissions issue with some server configurations; [!] Fixed requests history delete selected issue. 05/08/2021 v.7.0.2 [+] Added the ability to select the search logic by product variations [+] Added additional compatibility in the mobile view with some themes [!] Improved stability of search library initialization on some third-party themes 06/08/2021 v.7.0.3 [!] Fixed php warnings when server use Imagick library [!] Fixed issue with zoom on Iphone devices when typing on search input [!] Fixed issue on features search with search speedup function enabled  [!] Fixed issue with search speedup cron indexation access [*] Added compatibility with warehouses addon [+] Added function to close search window on mobile devices when click back button instead of loading previous page 09/08/2021 v.7.0.4 [*] Added compatibility with 3rd party addons on search results page [*] Live search settings page optimized for stores with a lot of features. [+] Added loading animation when search queries take longer time than 0.8 sec. [!] Fixed incorrect progress bar on speedup indexation 10/08/2021 v.7.0.5 [!] Small bugs fixes in some configurations, added compatibility with 3rd party addons on search results page 11/08/2021 v.7.0.6 [+] Added compatibility with Warehouses addon [!] Fixed issue on Firefox browsers with scroll top [!] Fixed issue with search by search keywords with search speedup enabled 12/08/2021 v.7.0.7 [!] Multivendor: Fixed issue on search by vendor products field; [!] Fixed compatibility issue with Warehouses addon on location change; [!] Multivendor: Fixed compatibility issue with Direct payments addon 16/08/2021 v.7.0.8 [+] Added possibility to set max-width for search window on desktop devices [+] Added get_fields hooks for developers section [!] Fixed issue with developer hooks [!] Fixed issue on some servers with db query error 18/08/2021 v.7.0.9 [!] Fixed issues with php warning in empty request [!] Fixed issue on some server configurations when live search was not initiated.  23/08/2021 v.7.0.10 [!] Fixed issue with search query on some configurations [*] Added function to hide placeholder text on input when field focus 25/08/2021 v.7.0.11 [!] Fixed issue on clicking label category, user was goes to product page instead of category page [!] Fixed issue with display product attached to usergroups Filter by product tags - cs-cart addon 11/08/2021 v.1.1 [!] Fixed incompatibility with live search addon v7.x Product payment methods add-on 11/08/2021 v.2.0 [+] Multivendor: added possibility to allow/disallow vendor to access product payment methods tab; [+] Added possibility to save products payment methods on category update page to use them as default for new products on this category.  13/08/2021 v.2.1 [*] Added possibility to hide restriction payments notification 2C2P Payment Gateway 12/08/2021 v.1.0 12/08/2021 v.1.1 [+] Added additional result_url_2 link for payment gate responses Product changes log cs-cart addon 13/08/2021 v.1.3.0 [+] Added compatibility with Warehouses addon Import products from xml file yandex market format (YML) 16/08/2021 v.5.5.3 [+] MV: Добавлена возможность загружать товары как общие товары  [+] Добавлена возможность импортировать остатки, если они передаются в прайсе. (Для каждого прайса указывается тег поля остатков) JCC Cyprus payment gateway for cscart 17/08/2021 v.1.1 [+] Added build in upgrade center Product shipping methods add-on 19/08/2021 v.3.3.0 [+] Added possibility to change products shipping methods on bulk edit page [+] Added possibility to save products shipping methods on category [+] Multivendor: Added possibility to prevent vendors access to edit product shipping methods 26/08/2021 v.3.3.1 [!] Fixed tpl file issue when product shipping methods was not saved success Option calculation (calculator) add-on 20/08/2021 v.2.1 [!] Fixed issue on options calculation values on cart, when added same product. Product currency add-on 20/08/2021 v.4.0.4 [*] Added rounded price function depended on selected currency settings Additional object fields/tabs add-on 23/08/2021 v.1.1.0 [+] Added possibility to mark field as required [+] Added possibility to select type of field (Textarea or input) [+] Multivendor: Added possibility to show field on vendor store tabs
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