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Save 42%
  • fast and convenient smart search;
  • search history;
  • flexible search settings
$120.00 $70.00
Save 42%
  • makes your store faster;
  • improves the SEO ranking of the site;
  • increases conversion
$120.00 $70.00
  • generates a product SKU automatically;
  • flexible settings of the article template
  • product price calculation based on options, features, etc.;
  • the calculation can be unique for each product
  • notifications without page reloading;
  • beep and blinking browser tab title
  • real-time export;
  • products filter for export
  • speeds up the site;
  • reduces server load;
  • raises in search results
  • automatic change of order status;
  • convenient add-on settings
  • changes the main icon to an additional on hover;
  • animation of changing icons
  • choose the currency for each product;
  • set the currency for product categories
  • manage the size of product names;
  • separate setting for product blocks
  • limits the size of uploaded files and images;
  • only for Multi-Vendor

Expand the functionality of Cs-Cart online store with additional extensions by CS-Commerce Software Solutions.

  • 6 months of free updates;
  • Free consultation and installation assistance;
  • Detailed descriptions and video reviews for ready-made solutions;
  • You can download and install the add0on immediately after payment;
  • Promotions and discounts for both regular and new customers!