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months of free updates
Configuring addons in English
Free consultation and installation assistance
Regular add-ons actualization and updates
  • import of products from a zip archive without unpacking;
  • the archive can contain several csv files with products
  • fine tuning of import;
  • improved add-on architecture
  • automatic and manual coupon generation;
  • coupon as a promotion bonus;
  • setting the duration of each coupon
  • collects information about purchases of each product;
  • convenient and informative sales data
  • manage delivery methods for each product;
  • grouping of products by delivery methods at checkout
Save 25%
  • ASSIST payment system for CMS CS-Cart stores;
  • Belarus
$120.00 $90.00
  • addresses of selected orders on the map;
  • filtering, mark colors setting
  • uploading files to any order in the admin panel;
  • files are available to the user on the order page
Save 25%
  • EASY PAY payment system for CMS CS-Cart stores;
  • Belarus
$120.00 $90.00
  • supplement to the "Advanced product price calculation (calculator)" add-on;
  • allows to create calculation options depending on user input
Save 25%
  • Payment system WebPay for CMS CS-Cart stores;
  • Belarus
$120.00 $90.00
  • choose the payment method for each product;
  • set the payment method for product categories

Expand the functionality of Cs-Cart online store with additional extensions by CS-Commerce Software Solutions.

  • 6 months of free updates;
  • Free consultation and installation assistance;
  • Detailed descriptions and video reviews for ready-made solutions;
  • You can download and install the add0on immediately after payment;
  • Promotions and discounts for both regular and new customers!