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Last update: July 14, 2023
Price with Premium subscription: $66.50
Versions: Cs-cart 4.1.x-4.18.x
Editions: Multivendor, Multivendor Plus, Multivendor Ultimate


6 months free updates
30 days money-back on addons: if the add-on does not fit your needs, just request a refund
easy installation via admin panel without changing root files
free consultation on the addon and help with its installation
Fixed price for Ultimate: no need to pay for each additional storefront

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There are never too many ads! But it should be at the right time and place. In pursuit of creativity, simple, understandable and very effective solutions are often lost sight of. The Best Stores add-on is a full-fledged tool for promoting stores on the marketplace.

Create collections of stores, select their products, customize the displayed information and appearance, place on any page of the site, advertise stores with current (seasonal) products, promote newcomers, motivate sellers or offer paid placements for stores on any page of the site for a limited period of time.

Benefits of the Best Stores add-on

  • Easy installation of the add-on from the admin panel;
  • Intuitive user interface;
  • Creation of many blocks with different content;
  • Selection of various stores and their products;
  • Flexible appearance customization;
  • Block display period limitation;
  • Placing a block on any page of the site;
  • Own tool for promoting stores on the marketplace;
  • Additional motivation for your sellers.

Add-on settings

You can create an unlimited number of different collections of stores for placement on different pages of the site.

Settings for each collection:

  • availability period - this is especially convenient for paid placement;
  • list of stores and their products - unique content for each block;
  • content (shop logo, name, city, number of goods, sales, block of goods);
  • fine-tuning the display of each element

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+Все просто!-Все просто!Великолепный модуль с широкими возможностями кастомизации. Модуль создает неповторимый уют на главной странице сайта и расширяет возможности для получения дополнительного дохода от рекламы продавцов. Поддержка как всегда на самом высоком уровне, что крайне важно
Very Good Add-on, makes a good look, I love it.
+CoolVery Good Add-on and Nice Look for vendor Stores
Very Nice add-on I using it as paid ads for vendors
We were lucky to be first to use this add-on) really grateful to cs-commerce for that amazing and easy to use feature which is a great motivation to our vendors and easy tool to range the best stores in order to be shown to many users.