FAQ addon (questions and answers)

Last add-on version: 3.0.2
Last update: May 13, 2022
Versions: Cs-cart 4.1.x-4.14.x
Editions: Cs-cart, Cs-cart Ultimate, Multivendor, Multivendor Plus, Multivendor Ultimate


6 months free updates
30 days money back: if the add-on does not fit, we will refund your money
easy installation via admin panel without changing root files
free consultation on the addon and help with its installation
free use addons on additional showcases

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Save you and your customer time by putting answers in one place. Create classic Questions and Answers (FAQ) lists on any page of your site with our add-on. Structured FAQ data (schema.org) will help search engines better understand the data and attract additional traffic.

Add-ons capabilities

  • simple installation;
  • flexible placement management of questions on different pages through layouts;
  • grouping questions;
  • styles customization (3 templates to choose);
  • smooth opening of answers;
  • the add-on supports FAQ structured data (schema.org).


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