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Last update: June 04, 2024
Price with Premium subscription: $28.00
Versions: Cs-cart 4.1.x-4.18.x
Editions: Multivendor, Multivendor Plus, Multivendor Ultimate, Cs-cart Ultimate, Cs-cart


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"Product sales history" is an easy to install and use add-on that provides the ability to track the sales history of a specific product. With its help, the administrator on the product editing page can view information about the date of each sale, the number of units sold, the amount and the customer.

This add-on allows you to analyze demand for goods in more detail, identify popular products and their customers, and also identify sales trends. This is especially useful for optimizing assortment, pricing strategy and marketing promotions.

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Rakesh Kumar
01.05.2024, 16:03
Very good addon to check the sales of products, It's very helpful in real store. To find the details of sell and stocks. Can it be developed a field for Product Buy Details. In which seller can put the bought quantiy, and it will show with date. Then seller can understand when he bought and when the products are selled.
Oleg Tihonovich
01.05.2024, 21:36
We can discuss custom development on our helpdesk. But, maybe you need another our addon - Product changes log. There will be store date when seller changes product quantity or product price or any other data if you need.


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A simple add-on allows us to understand the order history of a customer, nice job.
A simple but very effective plugin to review the sales history of your products to get a better understanding of the frequency they sell or who you sold a product to.