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Last add-on version: 1.0
Last update: January 06, 2022
Versions: Cs-cart 4.1.x-4.14.x
Editions: Multivendor, Multivendor Plus, Multivendor Ultimate, Cs-cart Ultimate, Cs-cart


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Orders from ad traffic

Find out from what source the customer came who made the purchase. This will help evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and avoid unnecessary spending on ineffective sources.

The link that the user follows from the advertising source contains information that allows you to identify this source. You just need to specify the time for how long the order will be an advertising one.

  • Large channels have their own identification parameters. They will be marked with a corresponding icon. These are Google, Yandex, Yandex Market, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing
  • Other sources will be identified by the utm_source parameter. Orders will be marked with the same icon, and on hover you can see the value of the utm_source.

In the search on the order list page, you can select one or more advertising sources to filter. This will help evaluate the effectiveness of different sources.


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