Simplifying checkout + Guest auto registration

Last update: June 26, 2024
Price with Premium subscription: $28.00
Versions: Cs-cart 4.1.x-4.18.x
Editions: Cs-cart, Cs-cart Ultimate, Multivendor, Multivendor Plus, Multivendor Ultimate


6 months free updates
30 days money-back on addons: if the add-on does not fit your needs, just request a refund
easy installation via admin panel without changing root files
free consultation on the addon and help with its installation
Fixed price for Ultimate: no need to pay for each additional storefront

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Have you ever had a need to quickly place an order without logging in to the site, simply indicating your email when placing an order so that the order itself is linked to your account? The "Simplifying Ordering" addon allows customers to create orders without the need for authorization by indicating the email to which the account was previously created. The addon solves three problems:

  1. Disables the need for authorization for customers who indicate the email of a registered user.
  2. Automatically links the order to an existing account when the email matches.
  3. Automatically links the order to an existing account when the phone number matches.
  4. Automatically registers the customer when placing an order if an account has not been created previously.

Each scenario has an on/off setting, which will allow you to customize the ordering process as efficiently as possible to suit your needs.

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