Changelog: One page checkout add-on + Dadata and Google Autocomplete

  • [3.7.0] - 09.06.2023
    • New Added possibility to show products in the delivery block
  • [3.6.6] - 03.02.2023
    • Bugfix Fixed compatibility issue with some templates cs-cart 4.10.x and lower
    • New Added possibility to hide notes block
    • New Added possibility to show custom terms and condition text under place order button
  • [3.6.5] - 03.01.2023
    • Bugfix Fixed issue with payment template on some payment methods
  • [3.6.4] - 24.11.2022
    • Bugfix Fixed issue with payment methods sorting on checkout page
  • [3.6.3] - 11.11.2022
    • Bugfix Fixed issue with required email field setting

    Please, check Email required one page addon settings after install this upgrade

  • [3.6.2] - 14.10.2022
    • Bugfix Fixed issue on some cs-cart configurations update profile fields
  • [3.6.1] - 12.10.2022
    • Bugfix Fixed issue with state field on some cs-cart versions
  • [3.6] - 07.10.2022
    • New Added scenarios on addon settings to hide email field
    • Optimization Rebuilded state selector on  autosuggestion function
  • [3.5] - 05.10.2022
    • Bugfix Fixed issue with email fields (on some configuration it was displayed twice)
    • Bugfix Another little fixed from checkout fields on some configuration cases
    • New Rebuilded google autosuggestion logic, not it works directly from address field

  • [3.4] - 29.09.2022
    • Bugfix Fixed issue with state field on change shipping method on some configurations
  • [3.3] - 27.09.2022
    • Bugfix Fixed issue with shipping price calculation when billing is set to primary address
  • [3.2] - 26.09.2022
    • New Added compatibility with php 8.0
    • New Added possibility to set priority of shipping and billing address
    • New Added possibility to merge shipping and payment methods in one step
    • Bugfix Fixed issue with products qty selection when cart has bonus product by promotion
  • [3.1] - 18.08.2022
    • New Added possibility to sort checkout blocks
    • New Added possibility to move order notes, location fields and place order button blocks
    • Bugfix Fixed issue with selected State field when payment method was changed 
  • [3.0] - 02.08.2022
    • Bugfix Full rebuilded new addon version with new design, new structure an more compatibility with another addons. See more details on addon details page on our webiste
    • New Build in upgarde center added
  • [2.8] - 20.08.2019
    • Added possibility to disable one page checkout function for every storefront
    • Fixed some issue with ship to another radio button
  • [2.7] - 18.07.2019
    • Fixed issues with google autocomplete with slow internet connection
    • Dadata address filed suggestion is suggest by entered city
    • Fixed an issue with region autoselection with google autocomplete
  • [2.6] - 02.07.2019
    • Added compatibility fixes with cs-cart v4.10 and highter;
    • Added checkout products in cart block with icons;
    • Added possibility to show/hide shippings block, payments block, user authorization block;
    • Added realtime abandoned carts user data saving

    Previous addon version must be uninstalled before install this version

  • [2.5] - 20.06.2019
    • Added full compatibiluty with newest cs-cart 4.10.x. Also support older cs-cart versions 4.x
    • Need to uninstall old addon version before installing new version.
  • [2.4] - 03.06.2019
    • Added compatibility with cs-cart 4.10.1 with lite checkout. Manually need to disable lite checkout blocks and enable main content block to make one page checkout work
  • [2.3] - 11.04.2019
    • Fixed an issue with on adding profile field 
  • [2.2.1] - 22.02.2019
    • Fixed an issue with payment surcharge on place order button.

    If you have versin 2.1, you can install addon without deleting previous version. After installation - go to your website folder and delete folder var/cache

  • [2.2] - 11.02.2019
    • Autocomplete services: Fixed an issue with hidden fields when user can't change location when select pick-up shipping methods.

    If you have versin 2.1, you can install addon without deleting previous version. After installation go to your website folder and delete folder var/cache

  • [2.1] - 01.02.2019
    • Google geolocation service added
    • Now you can Find and fill address using google map

    To install this adddon version, first you need to uninstall previous addon version

  • [1.2] - 06.09.2018


    • We added possibility to place an order to guest users without email.
    • We added possibility to hide email field for authorized users

    v1.2 (To install this version after v1.1 you need to uninstall old addon version and delete folder before install new addon version var/themes_repository/responsive/addons/csc_one_page_checkout):  

    • Some issue with fixed with realtime calculation shippings
  • [1.0] - 30.08.2018

    First add-on version