Changelog: Personal coupon codes add-on

  • [3.3.0] - 13.10.2023
    • New Added possibility generate batch of any qty of personal coupons codes in few clicks

  • [3.2] - 09.08.2023
    • Optimization Basic securitry addon updates
  • [3.1] - 23.02.2023
    • Bugfix Fixed issue with multivendor ultimate apply coupons on user registration
  • [3.0] - 20.02.2023
    • New New addon architecture with build in upgrade center
    • New Now support new email templates
    • New Now support separate settings for every storefront

    Before install this addon version, If you used older addon version, to migrate personal coupon codes:
    1. Download and install v.2.2 without deleting old addon version (Dangerous way checkbox)
    2.Export all your coupons On Administration->export data-> personal coupon codes.
    3. Uninstall old addon version
    4. Install newest v3.x addon version
    5. Go to Administration->import data-> personal coupon codes and import data from csv file received on step 2.

  • [2.2] - 16.02.2023
    • New Added possibility to export/import personal coupon codes
  • [2.1] - 03.02.2020
    • Fixed an Mysql request issue on adding personal coupon code for users bought any selected product.

    If you have used version 2.0 - you no need to delete addon before install new addon version

  • [2.0] - 29.08.2019
    • Added possibility to use coupons with guests users

    Old addon version must be removed before install this addon version. Don't forget to make coupons codes table backup if your users have active coupons codes. If you not sure how can make correct addon upgrade - contact us for upgrade service.

  • [] - 07.08.2019
    • Added functionality to apply coupons for users from selected usergroups
    • Added functionality to apply coupons for users for users exclude selected usergroups
    • Now coupon expiration time is calculating from activation moment instead of place order moment
  • [1.5] - 09.07.2019
    • Fixed an issue with Multivendor when buyer have products in cart from differents users
  • [1.4] - 15.05.2019
    • Added functionality to send personal coupon codes on user registration action
  • [1.3] - 08.04.2019
    • Fixed an isue with visibility of expired coupons
  • [1.2] - 10.10.2017

    By customers requests we have added to users selection to add coupons vendor type of customers.

  • [1.1] - 09.10.2017

    Coupon codes field issue fixed