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CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Plus International edition - Lifetime license for online stores ( + one year updates)

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6 months free updates
30 days money back: if the add-on does not fit, we will refund your money
easy installation via admin panel without changing root files
free consultation on the addon and help with its installation
free use addons on additional showcases

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Multi-Vendor Plus by CS-Cart is an enhanced CS-Cart MultiVendor version, on the basis of which you can create marketplace - a trading platform with many independent stores. In addition to the functions of CS-Cart, Multi-Vendor includes additional multiplayer functionality that provides convenient management of their products for all vendors.

Buy Multi-Vendor Plus license and get 10 addons for FREE!

With the help of Multi-Vendor Plus, customers get access to everything that is included in the standard Multi-Vendor, as well as additional, exclusive functionality:

  • Mobile application for customers. The customers can browse your marketplace, add products to wish lists and carts, and pay via offline payment method or PayPal Express Checkout. All the data is synced with your virtual mall: if you change categories, products, users, carts, wish lists, orders, and other data, the changes will affect the app. You are free to customize the look and feel of your application by changing a logo and colors.
  • Common product base for vendors. Often, different vendors sell similar or even the same products. A customer can be confused with lots of duplicate products in the search results. You can create a common product base and allow your vendors to only sell these products, forbidding them from creating their own listings. The vendors will only be able to set prices, quantity, and a shipping information for products from the common base. This way you’ll avoid duplicates and keep product pages nice, clean, and uniform.
  • Separate vendor checkout. This feature is a part of the Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments built-in add-on. The feature allows your customers to pay for products from different vendors separately at checkout. The vendors create their own payment methods and all the payments go straight to their accounts. The cool thing is—vendors get all the money from customers, so, marketplace fees become their concern, not yours.
  • Advanced vendor restrictions. You can hide menus, functions, and settings from a vendor’s dashboard to limit access to these features or simply to remove unused functionality. For example, a vendor selling downloadable products doesn’t need the Shipping methods menu, so hide it. This feature adds a special user group of the Vendor type. You are free to tweak the group privileges to grant or restrict access to features, menus, and settings for vendors.
  • Category commissions. Some products such as everyday goods, accessories, and lingerie have low margin. And if commissions on your marketplace are quite high, you won’t be able go attract vendors who sell these kinds of products. They won’t join your business because selling won’t be profitable for them. With the Category Commissions feature, you’ll be able to set individual commissions for product categories. Set a higher commission for high-margin product categories and a lower commission for low-margin categories.
  • Vendor promotions. Another cool feature of the Direct Customer to Vendor Payments built-in add-on is vendor’s promotions. You can enable vendors to create cart and catalog promotions with a number of bonuses. This is a powerful tool to boost vendors’ sales and attract more vendors to your marketplace.
  • Design editor for vendors. One more effective tool to attract vendors. Allow them to modify the look and feel of their micro-stores so that they look unique. To do that, vendors change storefront colors, fonts, and backgrounds via the built-in visual theme editor. And by using the layout editor, vendors rearrange content on the micro-store pages without a coder’s help.

With the Multi-Vendor Plus license you get a free 1-year upgrade subscription, which allows you to get new Multi-Vendor software versions for free during one year since the moment of the purchase. You can then extend the subscription to get upgrades after the first year. Upgrades fix issues, update integrations with payment and shipping services, and, of course, add new eCommerce features.

The license also includes 90 days of free technical support. Actually, our technical support is paid. Later on, when these 90 days are over, you can purchase support credits to get technical assistance.

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