Digest of add-on upgrades in July


In the digest for July, we present to your attention the updates of the following add-ons:

Product changes log cs-cart addon

25/03/2021 v.1.3.0
  • [!] Fixed issue with one of feature type changes logs
  • [+] Added better addon view for cs-cart v4.13.1
25/03/2021 v.1.3.0
  • [+] Added logs tab on variation product update page

Import products from xml file yandex market format (YML)

13/04/2014 v.5.5.2
  • [+] Multivendor: Добавлена возможность сохранять статус товара на модерации после импорта
  • [+] Multivendor: Добавлена возможность ограничивать импорт товаров согласно тарифному плану продавца
  • [+] Добавлена возможность импортировать несколько значений для одной хар-ки.
  • [!] Повышена стабильность работы парсера категорий, учитываются небольшие синтаксические ошибки поставщика прайс-листа
13/04/2014 v.5.5.2
  • [!] Fixed issue with variations grouping process on some pricelists
13/04/2014 v.5.5.2
  • [!] Fixed issue with product variables

Full page CACHE + HTML minify add-on

07/10/2017 v.4.7.1
  • [+] Added possibility to save cache depending of applied user promotions
07/10/2017 v.4.7.1
  • [!] Fixed issue with Unitheme 2 custom settings for desktop and mobile devices lookup

Admin panel color scheme add-on

13/02/2020 v.1.2
  • [!] Fixed issue with color scheme on vendor panel when storefront is closed

Product code generator add-on

04/04/2015 v.2.3.0
  • [+] Added template to generate valid EAN-13 codes
  • [+] Added better view for cs-cart v4.13.x
04/04/2015 v.2.3.0
  • [+] Added possibility to fix start digits on EAN13 standard

Product sales history add-on

26/04/2016 v.2.0.1
  • [!] Fixed issue with sales history tab on variation product page