Digest of add-on upgrades in May


In the digest for May, we present to your attention the updates of the following add-ons:

Product changes log cs-cart addon

25/03/2021 v.1.3.0
  • [!] Fixed issue with product tags logs

Multilevel filters add-on

31/08/2017 v.2.2
  • [+] Added possibility to select also filter parent variant, when child filter appear

FAQ addon (questions and answers)

20/02/2020 v.2.0.2
  • [!] Fixed issue with select FAQ picker on layout block
20/02/2020 v.2.0.2
  • [!] Fixed issue with search questions on FAQ block

Extended conditions and bonuses of promotion

12/05/2021 v.1.0

Full page CACHE + HTML minify add-on

07/10/2017 v.4.7.1

[!] Detect Mobile devices library upgraded 

07/10/2017 v.4.7.1
  • [+] Added additional compatibility with theme Unitheme 2
07/10/2017 v.4.7.1

[!] Fixed issue with addon fresh installation

Virtual categories - cs-cart addon

09/07/2020 v.2.1.2
  • [!] Fixed issue with category condition on catalog promotions
09/07/2020 v.2.1.2
  • [!] Optimized catalog loading speed with virtual categories

This is important update!

09/07/2020 v.2.1.2
  • [!] Fixed issue with virtual category bonus on promotions

Live search and Search history add-on

31/05/2015 v.7.0.9
  • [!] For Multivendor fixed on search field on vendor store display only vendor objects
31/05/2015 v.7.0.9

[!] Fixed issue with objects search on Multivendor edition

Import products from xml file yandex market format (YML)

13/04/2014 v.5.5.2
  • [!] Исправлена ошибка связки категорий при большом кол-ве категорий прайса
  • [!] Увеличили ко-во товаров на складе по-умолчанию до 100 шт
  • [!] При нулевой цене товара не загружались остатки

Additional object fields/tabs add-on

25/03/2021 v.1.0.4
  • [!] Fixed issue with blocks cache
25/03/2021 v.1.0.4

[!] Fixed issue with wysiwyg editor when object have more than one field.

Import/Export product tags add-on

23/04/2021 v.1.0.1
  • [!] Fixed issue on Ultimate with bulk product editor with tags field

Product currency add-on

19/02/2016 v.4.0.3

[+] Added compatibility with 3rd party addon Universal data feed by Alexbranding

19/02/2016 v.4.0.3

[!] Fixed issue on price filter when secondary currency selected

Product filters by options (Options to features automatic converter) add-on

16/12/2016 v.2.5

[!] Added compatibility with cs-cart v4.12.1

Search speedup add-on

18/05/2017 v.3.2.3

[!] Fixed uncompatibility with servers without mbstring libraries