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It is not difficult to open online store now. E-commerce is not a novelty and there is enough information in the network for studying: step-by-step instructions on how to launch an online store, articles on e-commerce directions, online store owners' forums, CMS ratings and so on.

how to open cs-cart online store

Online trading is a highly competitive environment, there are no trifles here and you have to work hard to succeed. First of all, the project must have a reliable basis, otherwise one day your work may be in vain. CMS is the foundation of an online store, the fate of the project depends on the choice of CMS.

If you are not satisfied with the work of the initially selected CMS, you can change it. But it will take time and additional funds that could be spent on the development of the project. Not all the functionality can be transferred to another platform, something will have to be finalized, something to be abandoned, to look for alternatives. Moving to a new platform is a loss of positions in search results.

CMS are different: expensive, affordable and free. Explore the functionality that engines offer out of the box. You may not need expensive scripts, as they are designed for large business projects. Additional functionality that you may not use, makes it difficult to navigate and manage the project. Free scripts are not a panacea either, since after launching the project, you will have to expand the functionality of the store for money. It is also important that the engine has a large community of developers, otherwise it will have to pay dearly for improvements.

cs-cart online store

CS-Cart is an easy and economical way to open an online store. Powerful, fast, functional, modern online store immediately after purchasing a license. The built-in style editor and block structure of the pages will allow you to create a unique design. All the functionality of an online store is connected using add-ons, which gives you the flexibility to manage your online store.

The license CS-Cart has two versions:

  • Russian;
  • International.

The only difference between them is a set of add-ons when buying a license: the Russian version has 10 more of them due to the integration with the services necessary for working on the Russian market.

The platform is easily scaled and at the start you will be able to choose the most suitable edition for yourself:

  • Usual CS-Cart version;
  • Ultimate;
  • MultiVendor.

The administrative panel is intuitive and does not take much time to understand it. A large community of developers around the world will not leave you without support wherever you are. The best of all about the engine, will tell the owners of online stores - reviews here.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is an extended edition of CS-Cart, on the basis of which, you can create marketplaces with a variety of suppliers and vendors who sell their products through one storefront. Moreover, each seller can independently manage their products in the personal department.

Ultimate is to manage multiple online stores from one control panel, with all the stores tied to one database of goods and orders. Convenient when you have more than one online store.

Buying from us any version of the CS-Cart license, you get a lifetime discount of 30% on all add-ons, including those that will be released in the future.

Offerings CS-Cart
(only International version)
Ready storefront Included Included Included
Website content management Included Included Included
Unlimited number of products
and categories
Included Included Included
Multiple storefronts Included Included Not included
Downloadable products Included Included Included
Product options and variants Included Included Included
Built-in add-ons* Russian version - 60
International version - 50
Russian version - 60
International version - 50
Product filters Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Automatic inventory control Included Included Included
Real-time shipping rate estimation Included Included Included
Online payment gateways Included Included Included
One-page checkout Included Included Included
Marketing and promotion tools Included Included Included
Membership levels and
access permission rules
Included Included Included
Bonus system and customer
loyalty rewards
Included Included Included
Multi-channel retailing Included Included Included
Search Engine Friendly URLs Included Included Included
Return merchandise authorization Included Included Included
Multiple languages Included Included Included
Multiple currencies Included Included Included
Multiple product suppliers Included Included Included
Separate admin panel for vendors Not included Not included Included
Vendors can use own shipping methods Not included Not included Included
Product option combination exceptions Included Included Included
Shipment management Included Included Included
Free technical support
50 credits 30 days 3 months
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Russian edition Buy it now
390 $
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