Recycle bin of admin panel

Last add-on version: 1.3.3
Last update: May 13, 2022
Versions: Cs-cart 4.1.x-4.14.x
Editions: Multivendor, Cs-cart Ultimate, Multivendor Ultimate, Cs-cart, Multivendor Plus


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Admin panel recycle bin

Many of us mistakenly deleted products, categories, orders or other objects, and restoring from backups is a long and dreary process.

We suggest using our add-on and simplifying the process of recovering deleted objects. In the add-on settings, select the objects for which you want to enable the recycle bin function. They will remain in the recycle bin with the ability to quickly recover or completely delete them.

Our add-on works with the following objects: products, categories, orders, product features, promotions. For objects list pages, you can enable the floating recycle bin button. On hover, it shows the number of deleted objects, and when clicked, it will direct to the recycle bin.

Lost products

From time to time, we see situations when customer's products from the database there are not on the site. It turned out that, for some reason, these products were not tied to any of the categories. They can have a descriptions, product features, images (all this takes up space on the server) and are not visible anywhere.

We have created a list of Lost Products for easy deletion or recoveration. After restoration, the products will be linked to the Category-basket.


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