Phone mask (Google style)

Last update: April 19, 2023
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Is the era of phone number masks over?

One of the main criteria for the successful completion of the order is a correctly entered phone number.
The problem of standardization of national phone numbers, as well as the validation of the entered phone number, has always been an important problem. Phone masks libraries was developed to solve this problem.
The Phone masks solution is good, but not perfect. It forces a person to enter a number strictly according to a given pattern, while in practice, users are faced with jumping the cursor, prohibiting the entry of numbers, and as a result, a phone number is sent with mistakes. 

The era of the phone masks is passing, and it is being replaced by more sophisticated, but, of course, more convenient technologies for the user. One of the first who propose a new logic for entering phone numbers was Google. The user enters his phone number in a convenient and understandable format for him, taking into account his country, and the algorithm checks the number in the background, and formats the specified number in the international format for the site database.

Our Phone verification addon works according to this logic described above. The addon is embedded into the phone fields, disables the default phone mask script and runs its own verification logic.

Addon settings and features

Phone number verification and standardization addon is very easy to install and configure. After the standard installation procedure, the addon will already start working. But there are also more fine-tuning options:

  • Favorite countries - allows selected countries to be displayed at the start of the country selector list
  • Autodetect country - launches the function of determining the user's country according to his regional browser language settings.

Addon support phones entered in local region format, when entered only part of international format, round brackets, space and dash.


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Markeplace review
+Отличный модуль!Всем рекомендую!
Markeplace review
+Очень упрощает жизнь и избавляет от не корректных телефонов от клиентов!Модуль который должен стоять у всех.
Markeplace review
+Отличный валидатор номера телефона, решает глобальные проблемы стандартизации телефона, стандартная маска сильно ограничена!Рекомендую как этот модуль, так остальные модули разработчика!
Отличный модуль, работает как надо!
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