September news digest


TOP 5 bestsellers

Updated add-ons

Product changes log cs-cart addon

13/09/2023 v.1.5.7
  • [!] Fixed issue when seo addon was disabled
  • [!] Fixed issue with zero values
  • [!] Fixed issue with category changes logs on some configurations
  • [*] Basic security updates

Virtual categories

01/09/2023 v.2.4.3
  • [!] Fixed Db conflict of some features conditions combinations

Logic AND for filter

07/09/2023 v.1.3
  • [*] Optimized Db request for better performance on stores with a lot of data on product features values table

Order files attachments

15/09/2023 v.4.2.1
  • [!] Fixed issue with order link on Ultimate editions

Full page CACHE + HTML minify

20/09/2023 v.5.2.0
  • [+] Added compatibility with closed storefront
  • [!] Fixed php warnings on some settings options combinations

Unite (merge) selected orders into one

20/09/2023 v.1.4.0
  • [+] Added compatibility with php 8.0
  • [*] Basic security updates

Content delivery network add-on

27/09/2023 v.5.1.0
  • [+] For MULTIVENDOR ULTIMATE added separated settings per storefronts

Attention for MULTIVENDOR ULTIMATE customers! After install this upgrade you need to check addon settings per storefront!

YML Import products (xml yandex market structure)

29/09/2023 v.5.8.0
  • [+] Added product counter on categories linking page