Digest of add-on upgrades in March

In the digest for March, we present to your attention the updates of the following add-ons:

Links shortener

28/03/2022 v.1.1
  • [+] Added possibility to create links from custom linked domains
  • [+] Added possibility to add redirect from disabled links
29/03/2022 v.1.2
  • [+] Added possibility to add notes for every short link
  • [!] Fixed issue with 404 redirect when short link is disabled

Live search and Search history add-on

01/03/2022 v.7.3.6
  • [*] Improved thumbnails function to work fine with wrong images extension
  • [*] Improved function to show main category  in priority on search results
14/03/2022 v.7.3.7
  • [!] Fixed an issue with numeric search on quick search bar on admin panel

Pop-up notifications add-on for cs-cart

03/03/2022 v.1.6
  • [!] Fixed bugs of the add-on on the Ultimate
09/03/2022 v.1.7
  • [!] Fixed bugs of the add-on on the Ultimate

Product currency add-on

03/03/2022 v.4.0.7
  • [!] Fixed compatibility issue with Master products addon price on Multivendor Plus edition
04/03/2022 v.4.0.8
  • [!] Now for the CS-Cart Ultimate version, the add-on settings are saved separately by storefronts
28/03/2022 v.5.0
  • [+] Added possibility to select currency for shared product per storefront
  • [+] Added possibility to select currency per product variation
29/03/2022 v.5.1

[!] Fixed issue with correctional coefficient - since now it will not be applied to prices on base currency

Real Time notifications add-on

05/03/2022 v.3.3
  • [!] Added compatibility with Vendor permissions addon on Multivendor edition
07/03/2022 v.3.3.1
  • [*] Fixed incompatibility with 3rd party addon Simtech google auth
22/03/2022 v.3.4
  • [*] Added notification sound control
28/03/2022 v.3.5
  • [+] Added bouton "close all" when displayed more than 3 notifications.

PayPal SDK checkout

07/03/2022 v.1.3
  • [!] Fixed issue on some configuration paypal amount not changed after shipping method and shipping prices was changed.

Product code generator

10/03/2022 v.3.0
  • [*] Updated add-on architecture
  • [*] Added bulk deletion of product codes

YML Export products

11/03/2022 v.4.1.0
  • [+] Added possibility to export offers with current promotions price
  • [+] Added possibility to export offers by brand variant
17/03/2022 v.4.1.1
  • [!] Fixed issue with categories condition on apply promotion price

Product name length

12/03/2022 v.2.0
  • [*] Updated add-on architecture;
  • [*] Added setting "Max rows in the product name";
  • [*] Separate settings for each type of product list;
  • [*] Added settings to product blocks in layouts.

Full page CACHE + HTML minify

14/03/2022 v.4.7.7
  • [*] Added compatibility with age verification addon
16/03/2022 v.4.7.8
  • [+] Added compatibility to clear cache by new reviews from Product reviews addon

Recycle bin of admin panel

15/03/2022 v.1.2
  • [!] Fixed issue with error on user profile page on admin panel

Advanced product price calculation (calculator)

15/03/2022 v.4.0.8
  • [+] Added compatibility to add formula to variation product
  • [!] Fixed issue with doubled tabs on cs-cart 4.14.x
17/03/2022 v.4.0.9
  • [!] Fixed issue caused by last addon upgarde build

Change images on hover

17/03/2022 v.2.0
  • [+] Now supported addon upgrades via Upgrades center
  • [+] Added new image change animations.

Currency exchange rates sync

21/03/2022 v.1.2
  • [!] Fixed issue with SSL certificate on sync request on  some servers

Marked orders

21/03/2022 v.2.0
  • [+] Now supported addon upgrades via Upgrades center;
  • [+] Added the ability to select an icon and its size;

Product shipping methods add-on

21/03/2022 v.3.3.2
  • [+] Added possibility to skip pickup shipping when product grouping working

Import products from xml file yandex market format (YML)

22/03/2022 v.5.5.10
  • [+] Added notification when price list is empty or blocked by supplier
  • [+] Changed DB field to support more Hight product IDs values