March news digest


New add-ons

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Updated add-ons

Full page CACHE + HTML minify

25/03/2024 v.5.5.0
  • [+] Added compatibility with 3rd party addon AB:Geopages
  • [!] Fixed an issue with clearing the cache of individual categories in the top menu
  • [*] Cache will be disabled automatically when debug mode is enabled

Show more button and infinite scrolling

04/03/2024 v.2.0
  • [*] Added compatibility with older versions of cs-cart and some themes.

FAQ addon (questions and answers)

04/03/2024 v.3.4.2
  • [*] Added setting "Displaying the "FAQ add-on" tab on the product editing page"

Pop-up notifications add-on for cs-cart

04/03/2024 v.2.2.0
  • [!] Fixed issue when in one page was added 2 notifications - one for mobile device, one for desktop
  • [*] Basic addon security updates

Real Time notifications add-on

05/03/2024 v.3.6.2
  • [*] Basic security addon updates
11/03/2024 v.3.6.3
  • [!] Fixed issue on Vendor menu on some specific configurations on Multivendor editions 
25/03/2024 v.3.7.0
  • [+] Added the ability to select notification sound from 10 melodies.
  • [+] Added possibility to select different melodies for admin side and storefront side

Advanced product price calculation (calculator)

12/03/2024 v.4.3.0
  • [!] Fixed issue with possibility to edit global variables by vendor (Multivendor edition)
  • [+] Added possibility to copy formula from Common product (Multivendor edition)
  • [+] Added possibility to hide formula tab for vendors (Multivendor edition)

Reason for status change

15/03/2024 v.1.0.1
  • [!] Fixed a bug with insufficient rights for managers

Prohibition on simultaneous editing of an order

18/03/2024 v.1.0
  • [*] First add-on release

IndexNow: instantly inform search engines about latest content changes

20/03/2024 v.1.4
  • [!] Fixed issue on cs-cart versions 4.9.3 and older with update category page on admin panel
  • [*] Basic security addon updates

Extended conditions and bonuses of promotion

21/03/2024 v.1.3.0
  • [+] Added condition "Quantity of goods in stock by category"
  • [+] Added condition "Quantity in stock"
  • [!] Fixed some bugs in promotion conditions
  • [*] Basic addon security updates
22/03/2024 v.1.3.1
  • [+] Added condition "Quantity of goods in stock by category" for the cart

One page checkout

22/03/2024 v.4.1.0
  • [*] Adjusted payment methods display styles
27/03/2024 v.4.1.1
  • [*] Adjusted shipping methods display styles

Address fields autocomplete

22/03/2024 v.3.0.0
  • [+] Rebuilt and improved logic for interaction with available providers
  • [!] Fixed bugs in the autocomplete function on some site configurations
27/03/2024 v.3.1.0
  • [+] Added the ability to disable the hint for an address saved in the browser
  • [!] Fixed a bug in filling out the "state" field with some specific names

PayPal SDK checkout

27/03/2024 v.1.9.4
  • [!] Fixed issue with order status when user change address on paypal and shipping cost was recalculated.