December news digest


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Updated add-ons

Recycle bin of admin panel

08/12/2022 v.1.4.0
  • [!] Fixed undefined php variable
  • [!] Fixed issue with profile section on some configurations

Virtual categories

02/12/2022 v.2.3.5
  • [+] Added compatibility with Warehouses addon (condition amount)

Live search and Search history

19/12/2022 v.7.4.8
  • [*] Fixed language variables on addon settings "For developers" tab
  • [!] Fixed issue with profile link on search history section
  • [!] Fixed compatibility issue with Unitheme 2 sticky menu
  • [!] Fixed issue with import synonyms with non-latin letters

Full page CACHE + HTML minify

16/12/2022 v.4.10.1
  • [!] Fixed issue with 0 cache life time in php 8
  • [-] Turbo mode was removed from addon functionality 
  • [*] Since this version, on product page will not be displayed quick navigation button on breadcrumbs block if cache is enabled for products controller

Phone mask (Google style)

06/12/2022 v.1.6.1
  • [!] Fixed style issue with AB quick order
  • [+] Added possibility to add to favorites disabled countries

PayPal SDK checkout

02/12/2022 v.1.7.3
  • [!] Fixed issue with rewards points, when the buyer pays part of the purchase with points
05/12/2022 v.1.7.4
  • [!] Fixed redirect 404 error after last addon upgrade.

This is important upgrade, please, install it as soon as possible!

28/12/2022 v.1.7.5
  • [!] Fixed issue with php undefine variable
  • [!] Fixed error with placing orders from cart page

Product changes log cs-cart addon

05/12/2022 v.1.5.3
  • [!] Fixed php warning message with warehouses addon

Shipping method currency

12/12/2022 v.1.1
  • [!] Fixed issue with calculation when shipping method is not available for location

Option value calculation

21/12/2022 v.2.1.7
  • [!] Fixed issue with display counted option on order edit page on admin panel;

Import/Export categories

27/12/2022 v.1.0