July news digest


TOP 5 bestsellers

Updated add-ons

Live search and Search history

19/07/2022 v.7.4.1
  • [!] Optimized Search history section on admin panel
  • [+] Added compatibility with Unitheme 2 bottom search bar
  • [*] Translation correction for nothing found text
  • [*] Styles optimization for view on mobile devices
20/07/2022 v.7.4.2
  • [!] Fixed styles for Iphone 12, 13 (only part of show more button was visible )

Product questions

04/07/2022 v.1.1.1
  • [!] Fixed issue on adding answer for a question

Advanced menu constructor add-on

04/07/2022 v.1.1
  • [+] Added build in upgarde center
  • [!] Fixed issue with doubling links on some language configurations

To install an addon without loss data, you need to use dangerous method when you installing addon without uninstall old addon version. Next addon versions can be installed via Upgarde center on your admin panel. 

Multipurpose image optimization and compression tool

04/07/2022 v.1.8.2
  • [!] Fixed undefined php notice when Shortpixel API quota was exceed

Images/files file size limits for vendors

11/07/2022 v.4.4
  • [!] Fixed issue with redirect link to addon settings from addons list page

Product stickers (text and graphic) - cs-cart add-on

14/07/2022 v.2.4.1
  • [!] Fix styles for selectors in the admin panel

Orders file attachments

14/07/2022 v.3.3
  • [!] Fixed issue with multivendor permissions

YML Export products

18/07/2022 v.4.3.1
  • [!] Fixed issue with pricelist time format

Content delivery network add-on

18/07/2022 v.4.3
  • [*] Basic security upgrades

Images gallery - add-on for CS-Cart

18/07/2022 v.1.3
  • [!] Fixed incompatibility with old cs-cart versions
  • [!] Fixed template issue with changing preview image on click thumbnail
  • [*] Basic security updates

Advanced product price calculation (calculator)

19/07/2022 v.4.0.12
  • [+] Added setting to enable/disable calculation on product qty change before add to cart
  • [*] Basic security upgrades

Pop-up notifications add-on for cs-cart

21/07/2022 v.1.11.3
  • [!] Important addon fixes, some notifications was not displayed
25/07/2022 v.1.11.4
  • [!] Fixed issue when main page was selected to display - message was displayed on all another pages too

Bots ban add-on

22/07/2022 v.1.1
  • [*] Basic security upgrades
  • [+] Added build in upgrade center

Google style phone validation and standardizer

25/07/2022 v.1.4
  • [+] Added possibility to disable country code prefill on addon settings

Virtual categories - cs-cart addon

25/07/2022 v.2.2.1
  • [+] Added new condition: by Supplier