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Google Indexing API

Last add-on version: 1.0
Last update: June 30, 2022
List price: $70.00 $50.00
Price with Premium subscription: $40.00
Versions: Cs-cart 4.1.x-4.15.x
Editions: Multivendor Ultimate, Multivendor Plus, Multivendor, Cs-cart Ultimate, Cs-cart


6 months free updates
30 days money-back on addons: if the add-on does not fit your needs, just request a refund
easy installation via admin panel without changing root files
free consultation on the addon and help with its installation
Fixed price for Ultimate: no need to pay for each additional storefront

Extended description block

Indexing is easy!

Using this add-on, you can automate the process of sending new pages, products, categories for indexing, as well as send them manually directly from the admin panel in one click! Forget the slow google search console and enjoy the Google API Indexing add-on. The add-on is very easy to setup and use. But it requires a one-time setup in Google Search Console and Google Cloud Services. For setup instructions, please, see the add-on documentation.



Please note, we guarantee that the URL will be submitted for indexing by Google. But when Google will indexes your content is completly depended of Google. The add-on does not guarantee high positions in the SERP, but it helps to submit new or changed pages for indexing as soon as possible.


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