May news digest


New add-ons

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Updated add-ons

FAQ addon (questions and answers)

10/05/2023 v.3.2.1
  • [+] Added hook for developers before return FAQ data
  • [!] Fixed smarty notice on questions picker
  • [*] Changed escape string function

Product currency add-on

11/05/2023 v.6.2.1
  • [!] Ultimate: Fixed issue with addon global settings after adding new storefront
  • [!] Fixed undefined index notice on update category function on some configurations

Virtual categories

02/05/2023 v.2.3.8
  • [+] Added function to prevent error from uncompleted virtual category condition
  • [+] Added compatibility with variation product reviews

Product questions

03/05/2023 v.1.2.0
  • [!] Fixed issue with double quotes escapes
  • [!] Fixed issue with cached block content
  • [+] Added additional styles to look better with Unitheme 2
  • [*] Basic security addon updates

Live search and Search history

04/05/2023 v.7.7.0
  • [+] Added a setting (on For Developers tab) for editing characters that are replaced by a space in a search query.
  • [*] Improved the logic of using synonyms when ignoring the search language
  • [*] Improved statistics on queries
  • [!] Fixed the logic of displaying synonyms by storefronts
  • [!] Fixed conflict of settings when search by categories was enabled and no search fields were enabled.
  • [!] Fixed bug on search common products on vendor store

Common shipping methods for Multivendor

10/05/2023 v.1.6.0
  • [!] Fixed issue with incomplete orders on vendor panel
  • [*] Rebuilded function to detect parent orders
12/05/2023 v.1.6.1
  • [!] Fixed issue with changing status for parent order

YML Export products

01/05/2023 v.4.5.1
  • [*] Added function to convert secret key into lower case (on some server configuration uppercase letter not works in url)

Product payment methods add-on

03/05/2023 v.2.2
  • [*] Basic security addon upgrades

Extended products selections in blocks

03/05/2023 v.1.0
  • [*] First addon release
23/05/2023 v.1.0.1
  • [!] Fixed issue with products search on press enter button on admin panel
24/05/2023 v.1.0.2
  • [!] Fixed issues with multiplying search query string on press to search button multiple times

Lazy Loading Images

04/05/2023 v.1.3.0
  • [!] Fixed issue with <img> tags with closing slash at the end of tag

Product views counter

05/05/2023 v.1.1.0
  • [+] Added the ability to sort products by views
  • [!] Fixed php warning of undefined variable
10/05/2023 v.1.1.1
  • [!] Added compatibility with the "General products for sellers" add-on
  • [*] We connected to another hook, so the counter block moved on the product page
19/05/2023 v.1.1.2
  • [!] Fixed php warning
22/05/2023 v.1.2.0
  • [+] New setting - The minimum number of views to display to buyers
  • [!] Fixed php warning

Yandex search for online stores (require Live search add-on)

11/05/2023 v.1.0
17/05/2023 v.1.1
  • [!] Fixed issue with categories labels when category id in yml file is not same as on the shop

Hide categories without products

25/05/2023 v.1.0
  • [*] First addon release

AI Assistant Chat GPT on admin panel

25/05/2023 v.1.0