February news digest


TOP 5 bestsellers

Updated add-ons

YML Import products (xml yandex market structure)

02/02/2023 v.5.6.0
  • [+] Added compatibility with features unite
  • [+] Added possibility to control vendor permission on access to YML management section
  • [+] Added possibility to change product seo-directory after force changing categories.
09/02/2023 v.5.6.1
  • [!] Fixed issue with product variations on some configurations

One page checkout add-on + Dadata and Google Autocomplete

03/02/2023 v.3.6.6
  • [!] Fixed compatibility issue with some templates cs-cart 4.10.x and lower
  • [+] Added possibility to hide notes block
  • [+] Added possibility to show custom terms and condition text under place order button

Live search and Search history

21/02/2023 v.7.6.0
  • [+] Added compatibility with vendor panel configurator addon (Multivendor)
  • [+] Added compatibility with synonyms when search categories, brands and pages
  • [*] Changed logic for Yandex Speller suggestions 
  • [*] Better logic for ignoring symbols on speed-up mode
  • [!] Fixed issue with variables search on hard speedup mode
23/02/2023 v.7.6.1
  • Important Update!
  • [!] Fixed issue with search on product code field with search speedup mode
  • [*] Optimizations on search speedup mode

Orders from advertising

01/02/2023 v.2.0
  • [+] Added functionality to display HTTP referrer and entry url on order details page

Google Indexing API

02/02/2023 v.1.2
  • [!] Fixed issue with undefined index when google api return error message
  • [!] Fixed issue with multivendor addon settings

Virtual categories

02/02/2023 v.2.3.7
  • [!] Fixed issue with virtual category work on some website configurations

Product code generator

07/02/2023 v.3.2.0
  • [+] Added possibility to deny to edit product code.
16/02/2023 v.3.2.1
  • [!] Fixed issue with generating product code with disabled to edit field

Full page CACHE + HTML minify

09/02/2023 v.4.10.4
  • [!] Fixed issue with php undefined notice on some configurations

PayPal SDK checkout

13/02/2023 v.1.7.6
  • [!] Fixed issue with required fields on old cs-cart versions.
  • [+] Added possibility to enable Venmo payment button

Product shipping methods add-on

14/02/2023 v.3.4.3
  • [!] Fixed issue when store no have shipping methods

Product currency add-on

16/02/2023 v.6.2.0
  • [!] Optimized process on products with a lot of variations
  • [+] New condition for promotions - "Product currency"

Multilevel filters add-on

16/02/2023 v.2.4
  • [!] Correction in the "Parent variant" selector

Personal coupon codes add-on

20/02/2023 v.3.0
  • [+] New addon architecture with build in upgrade center
  • [+] Now support new email templates
  • [+] Now support separate settings for every storefront

Before install this addon version, If you used older addon version, to migrate personal coupon codes:
1. Download and install v.2.2 without deleting old addon version (Dangerous way checkbox)
2.Export all your coupons On Administration->export data-> personal coupon codes.
3. Uninstall old addon version
4. Install newest v3.x addon version
5. Go to Administration->import data-> personal coupon codes and import data from csv file received on step 2.

16/02/2023 v.2.2
  • [+] Added possibility to export/import personal coupon codes
23/02/2023 v.3.1
  • [!] Fixed issue with multivendor ultimate apply coupons on user registration

Category image gallery

20/02/2023 v.2.3
  • [!] Fixed issue with gallery block caching

Logic AND for filter

20/02/2023 v.1.1
  • [!] Optimized filter process

Change images on hover

23/02/2023 v.2.1.0
  • [!] Fixed issue with the height of product images.

Product stickers (text and graphic) - cs-cart add-on

27/02/2023 v.2.4.4
  • [!] Fixed issue when the "SEO" add-on is disabled