June news digest


TOP 5 bestsellers

Updated add-ons

Product questions

28/06/2023 v.1.3.0
  • [*] Changed escape string function 
  • [!] Fixed issue with Ultimate storefront switcher on addon settings page

Product currency add-on

23/06/2023 v.6.2.2
  • [!] Fixed issue with incorrect values on price filter range on some configurations
  • [!] Fixed issue with importing currency for shared product

Category image gallery

06/06/2023 v.2.4
  • [+] Added settings for category gallery page
  • [+] Subscription information block added

Recycle bin of admin panel

06/06/2023 v.1.4.2
  • [!] Fixed errors in the work of the add-on for vendors.

One page checkout add-on + Dadata and Google Autocomplete

09/06/2023 v.3.7.0
  • [+] Added possibility to show products in the delivery block

Common shipping methods for Multivendor

16/06/2023 v.1.6.2
  • [*] Rebuilded parent and child orders linking

Hide categories without products

20/06/2023 v.1.1
  • [!] fixed issue with multistorefronts editions


27/06/2023 v.1.2
  • [+] Added multiple statuses for shared category depended of storefront

Virtual categories

30/06/2023 v.2.4.0
  • [+] New functionality: Since this version, categories linking are running by category position value, so, you can create dependency from another virtual categories with lower position value on hard linking mode.