November news digest


New add-ons

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Updated add-ons

Live search and Search history

08/11/2022 v.7.4.6
  • [!] Fixed issue with found products statistics when user use filters or search query is slow;
  • [!] Fixed issue with sticky menu on Unitheme 2
  • [!] Fixed incompatibility with master products addon on adding common product to cart from search popup window
  • [!] Fixed compatibility issue with Warehouses Beta addon with cs-cart versions 4.11.3 and lower
17/11/2022 v.7.4.7
  • [+] Added search popup box shadow on desktop view
  • [*] Changed import/export synonyms template
  • [!] Fixed issue with list price when product price was a zero

Phone mask (Google style)

30/11/2022 v.1.6.0
  • [*] Added catch throw function if website have js issues
  • [*] Better lookup with 3rd party addons
  • [+] Added setting to enable\disable phone mask for admin\vendor panel and storefront

PayPal SDK checkout

02/11/2022 v.1.7.2
  • [!] Fixed issue with template cart total when total amount is zero
  • [+] Added check if mandatory fields is filled when paypal sdk is used as payment method

Product filters by options (Options to features automatic converter) add-on

02/11/2022 v.3.1.1
  • [!] Fixed issue with disabled option variants on bulk feature values generation

YML Import products (xml yandex market structure)

11/11/2022 v.5.5.17
  • [*] Speed optimization 
  • [!] Fixed issue with product variations, when users opens product pages when import process is running.

Links shortener

08/11/2022 v.1.3
  • [+] Added possibility to set only lower letters on short url (short url in this case will be case insensitive)

Virtual categories

08/11/2022 v.2.3.3
  • [!] Fixed issue with undefined php notice when store have promotions without conditions
11/11/2022 v.2.3.4

YML Export products

08/11/2022 v.4.3.3
  • [+] Added <count> tag with product amount value
  • [+] Added possibility to select more than one brand to export
16/11/2022 v.4.4.0
  • [+] Added dimensions tag with box sizes parameters, if this fields is filled on the product
18/11/2022 v.4.4.1
  • [+] Added possibility to add count tag with product amount

Addons Manager

10/11/2022 v.1.3
  • [*] Changed new addon version text color

Images gallery - add-on for CS-Cart

10/11/2022 v.1.3.1
  • [!] Fixed compatibility issue with Unitheme 2

One page checkout add-on + Dadata and Google Autocomplete

11/11/2022 v.3.6.3
  • [!] Fixed issue with required email field setting

Please, check Email required one page addon settings after install this upgrade

24/11/2022 v.3.6.4
  • [!] Fixed issue with payment methods sorting on checkout page

Product currency add-on

11/11/2022 v.6.1.1

Product stickers (text and graphic) - cs-cart add-on

17/11/2022 v.2.4.3
  • [!] Fixed issue with big picture product template

Currency exchange rates sync

23/11/2022 v.1.5
  • [+] Added compatibility with php8.0

Payment methods by country

24/11/2022 v.1.0
28/11/2022 v.1.0.1
  • [!] Fixed php warning on delete order placed before addon installation

Order changes history

28/11/2022 v.1.3
  • [!] Fixed issue with some payment gateways when user try to pay second time and payment gate delete order before.

FAQ addon (questions and answers)

29/11/2022 v.3.1.3
  • [!] Fixed issue with deleting groups from question on multi update